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Blog posts where?

So why has there been a lack of activity up in here? Short answer is finals kick everyone’s ass. Not only did I have finals but I also had to finish up college applications only to find out that I … Continue reading

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Koe de Oshigoto 1 – Renshuu shiyo!

Premise: Girl gets thrown into the eroge seiyuu field on her 16th birthday by her older sister. Will she be able to cope with the new experiences she will face along the way?

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Ore no Imouto 5 – Unrealistic Expectations.

In a predictable fashion, Imo 5 this week brings some much needed teenage drama to the table. Nice change from episode 4 of course. But how well did it really play out? Now there isn’t anything wrong with being a … Continue reading

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Ore no Imouto 4 – A little bit of nothing.

So its gone with the dorama this time around, compared to MM! at least. You know the episode wasn’t even that interesting. But why was OreImo so captivating this episode? Besides the obvious:

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Ore no Imouto 3 – My bro couldn’t possibly cover me this much

Man this episode. Is it just me or are a bunch of moefag shows this season churning out  genuine dramatic scenes? Let’s hope this trend continues shall we now. Or maybe not at this moment. Anywho the episode starts off … Continue reading

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MM! Episode 3 – Sado Taro and his Five Friends.

Game8910: Sometimes episodes are so awesome it needs to be blogged apart from the weekly impressions post. This is an example of such episode. Also welcome mikomonday’s first true blog post! \o/ Yumi, our twintailed girl wants Yuno to transfer … Continue reading

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its Miko Monday, every day.

Uwah, looks like I finally get a voice in the animu world. Taking a post here as designer/co-writer for Game’s Mind, hopefully I can give a more “insightful” view to accompany Game’s highly biased musings on each season’s shows. Look … Continue reading

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