11Eyes 12 (END) – This f’cking show!!!

hahaha im so late watching this, I couldnt wait for SFW to release their ep12 so i went ahead and got someone else’s….and seriously 11Eyes…really? Did you just really completely deny my Misuzu sex scene and the incredibly satisfying deaths of Yuka and Kakeru!? oh FUCK YOU!! ;__; But why was your last episode not a bad finale either? I CANT HATE YOU HONESTLY IF YOU DONT HAVE A SHITTY ENDING!!! But yeah once again 11Eyes forces me to write extra long posts, lets get started.

As stated everything on ep11 didnt really happen, since this episode starts where ep 10 ended…how did they explain it to us? The Eye of Aeon.

I never saw this coming...seriously...I hate this show

Kakeru immediately realizes what Liselotte needs the Eye of Aeon and quickly decided to try to stop her plans

HOLY SHIT thats pretty badass....its not even past the 5 min mark! I love this show!

Ater pulling such a stunt we get a flashback of his childhood and Yuka was the only person who would be with Kakeru since everyone else apparently found him disgusting cause of his eye. It made Yuka look a bit better as a person but its not gonna change the fact that she is a horrible human being in the future.

Some habits never change though

After the flashback ends we see that Kakeru didnt actually die! But how? He used the sword to pierce his neck!!

This makes no sense! I hate this show

I dont understand how he lived since we clearly saw it go through his neck…oh well I guess main characters cant die after all huh? In any case Misuzu lets Kakeru know what she thought of his awesome plan.

Exactly! You have a plot armour so u cant die, sucks to be you

After Kakeru reaffirming his goals and w/e, Kukuri shows up but reveals that she isnt really her but just her old guardian angel Abraxas. Shiori also reveals that she told all the Kukuris from all the worlds about the fragments, which explains why Kukuri killed Kakeru and herself in her world….too bad that Kakeru had no fragment lol. It was reveals another thing about Shiori.

Shiori is awesome, and you should be jealous. I love this show

So just then the red night seemed to end or something and Yuka was taken hostage by Liselotte, they followed her to the roof where she tells Kakeru what to do and the little idiot actually seemed to obey what she did….

WTF Kakeru...why so whipped? Also eye licking? thats kinda hawt...

So why in the world would you actually drop your weapon and let your eye be licked by a loli witch? I guess thats another 1 of those “11Eyes logic” moments.

Oh and you complain after!? I hate this show

Meanwhile while Kakeru’s eyes triggers the hell doom or w/e it was called Kukuri and Shiori fight Liselotte once again, I should mention that this Liselotte is waaaay weaker than the one on episode 11 due to having 1 less void fragment within her. That doesnt stop her from defeating both Kukuri and Shiori though ;__;
However that was all she could do, and Shiori is defeated for good…revealing some rather WTF truths…


So Shiori was a freaking android!? wtf that makes no sense…anyways Kukuri is able to rescue her fragment and gives it to Kakeru before disappearing herself…so now both Kukuri and Shiori are dead, and this anime is pissing me off.

At this point, Misuzu finally decides to get serious, and she summons her most powerful sword, which btw is a pretty WTF sword

holy shit thats a pretty awesome weapon....but DAT CURSE O_o

At seeing this Superbia turns back to Misao and shit gets serious, well it tries…when Liselotte was about to attack Kakaru, Velard’s voice speaks to the witch from inside Kakeru and tells her to stop and how the world shouldnt be destroyed…but if Umineko teaches you anything its that witches dont re~form!

AHAHAHAHAHA OWNED! In the end you were not important to the plot!

So when she attacks Kakeru, Misuzu now using her cursed blade blocks her attack, AND THEN MISAO ALSO HELPS!!

FFF YEAH! Misuzu x Misao combo! I love this how

While Liselotte barely manages to dodge the attack, Kakeru using his eye predicts where she would land, and using the plan of using the eye + Shiori’s crystal to seal away the witch, he proceeds to capture her. But when she was about to get away…

Avaritia gets the BRO end! Worthy sacrifice

And with this….its over, the red night ends for good and Misao sends the guys back to a new world since Yuka’s is already a piece of shit. Now to the epilogue

Why is Yuka not in jail? or having therapy?

In this world Yukiko and Takahisa and Nurse didnt die I see...

Using the “its a new world so now we revive people” is a pretty weak Deus Ex Machina

You fucks revive everyone EXCEPT THE BEST CHARACTER!? I hate this show!

However looks like Kukuri and Shiori are out for good, which is pretty bullshit

I think I know the answer


And with this, 11Eyes comes to an end….So we NEVER got an explanation as to WHY IN THE BLUE HELL DID YUKA REVIVE LISELOTTE FOR!? WHAT WAS HER MOTIVE? AND WHY DOES SHE SUDDENLY WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH MISUZU AGAIN!? WTF IS WRONG WITH HER!? damn I hate this ending so much, but the action was pretty nice so the actual episode wasnt bad….but dammit…wtf 11Eyes…

So can we assume that because its not Yuka’s world and only Kakeru, Musuzu, and Yuka are alive…this is either Kakeru’s or Misuzu’s world? Either way I hope its Misuzu’s that way of she wants Kakeru she can just wish it ^_^

Final Thoughts: This show is the biggest contradiction I’ve ever experienced in anime….I absolutely hate this anime, yet it delivered so many twists and events that I literally did not see coming and genuinely surprised me, that I thought it was awesome…In a way, its an awesomely hateable show? I dont know anymore…I will say that its pulled some crazy shit that not many animes pull often so for that I give it credit, and here I was calling it generic at first, it ended up being anything but IMO. I had some fun watching this so in the end I guess things werent so bad…but Yuka getting a happy ending is extreme bullshit.

The Final Verdict:

Story – 7.5/10
Animation – 8.5/10
Music – 8/10
Characters – 7.5/10

Overall – 7.8/10

You can find all the 11Eyes episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

11Eyes Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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57 Responses to 11Eyes 12 (END) – This f’cking show!!!

  1. bobby says:

    The thing I like about this anime is that whenever something completely stupid happened it made me laugh 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm.. I could forgive yuka for being the crazy btch she is but i definitely wouldnt get down with that. Seriously… Unless youre an M, misuzu ftw. Furthermore the ending gave this anime a 6/10. Too much useless build up unless theres a second season. Kakeru was an eyesore, this ani e would have been better as a comedy since the storyline was so bullshit. The 5 swords were this animes saving grace although they never explained the powers of the green aura sword. This f’ucking show!!!

  3. I uploaded the 11Eyes Opening if you wanted to check out the intro.

  4. Anonymous says:

    for me episode 11 was the real end,,,better than having crazy have her happy ending

  5. Taylor says:

    My only problem was that Yuka was a crazy bitch. Yuka put razor blades in misuzu’s tea, was hugging kakeru’s eyeball to her face whilst naked after episode 11’s credits, and wouldn’t leave kakeru alone. Yuka is an annoying, crazy bitch. Her sanity broke so quickly and it got me mad. I prefer Misuzu for kakeru’s partner.

  6. Taylor says:

    And Kakeru was kinda an asshole to Misuzu’s affections, except when he had sex with her.

  7. Travis says:

    Misuzu didn’t want to have sex with Kakeru just for the sex… It was the make their powers stronger since they both had the families blood running through them. Yuka was just all kinds of crazy, I preferred Misuzu to be honest, she never became crazy, she never put razor blades in peoples fucking tea, and she never gave THE WORST FUCKING ENEMY OF ALL TIME THE BIGGEST FUCKING ADVANTAGE! DAMNIT YUKKA YOU BITCH!

  8. I hate Kakeru n yuka, why didn’t he choose Misuzu? Yuka has betrayed everyone

  9. Amazing review dude. I just finished the anime, and in my verdict is 6.0. Woah it’s just… weird. I mean is one the most twisted animes I’ve watched. It’s not bad, because is a some point interesting, but… woah these last 2 episodes were WTF episodes. And honestly the end is one of the worst ends of the anime history. Sex for becoming stronger? Woah, I would like to have sex that way to become stronger too! Personally, I hate this anime

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Yuka, she sucks. I’m happy that Kakeru ends up with Misuzu in the game and manga. I wish the anime had them both end up together

  11. Nikki says:

    Honestly, Yuka was fucking annoying

  12. Anonymous says:

    The manga ending is 100 time better misuzu and kakeru ftw

  13. Jeff says:

    Misuzu and Kakeru end up together, they dont show it though, its in the after story, That they get married and they have a kid together, I dont like yuka either she was always jealous of Misuzu and tried to kill her lol. o: Wish they would make episodes about everyones after story

  14. cd says:

    he was indebted to yuka but that didn’t mean they were mean to be together. it was the wrong reason to be together. he wasn’t in love with her. he was only with her because he felt he owed it to her. that just isn’t the right reason. did you even watch how yuka acted at the end there? she placed a razor in the tea. she didn’t care if anyone else died. she was a self centered B. i’m sorry. he was meant to grow and realize that while yuka was a great childhood fried, that’s all she was…a child. Misuza helped him grow, that’s where his future lied. the manga was much better. extremely disappointed in the anime ending

  15. Nero2076 says:

    Dafaq??? I didn’t start hating yuka untill the last couple episode till she started putting razor blades in bitches tea and tried to bang dude on stair cases outside n shit. But I seriously don’t get why she gets to live of all people who willingly let the witch get her fragment. Ending didnt suck but it wasn’t good either just stupid. And also so did what’s his face eye put it to that red chick or not they should of ended up together she doesn’t go insane trying to kill the person who saved her countless times unlike some other stupid bitty.

  16. Misuzu fan says:

    Eww… Yuka! I hate that bitch, seriously I love Misuzu and Kakeru better. If Misuzu was a seductive slut, she wouldn’t give him her blood and the whole s.e.x. thing when she knows Kakeru loves Yuka and Misuzu only did that so Kakeru can have the power to protect Yuka and she gave it to him. I just love tough girls with long hair like Misuzu. Yuka is with Kakeru is like incest because she looks like a fucking sister compare to him! Yuka’s ugly, short hair, unattractive, and slutty for all I care about her! Yuka is the slutty one because she she doesn’t even wear anything and come out and always cuddle and shit with him. Misuzu is always there for Kakeru and protect him even if he doesn’t love her. A girl like that should deserve a good ending! And shit why can’t the anime be Misuzu and Kakeru instead of in the manga?! So all I want to say to Yuka is that she’s a FUCKING UGLY, SELFISH, AND SLUTTY BITCH!


  17. Kagome1991 says:

    Yukiko and Kukuri were the only ones I cared about in this thing. usually I like yanderes but Yuka…I don’t know, I just didn’t like how she turned out. She practically betrayed everyone in favor for Kakeru and I did NOT like that especially when Yukiko was always so nice and friendly with her. So much for friends and tomorrow.


  19. Anonymous says:

    guys you can’t change the ending so just calm the fuck down.

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