Yet ANOTHER top 10 of 2014 blog

Are you as sick as me of seeing “Top 10 XXX of 2014” posts, tweets, blogs, etc… absolutely everywhere? Well if you are then brace yourself because HERE IS ANOTHER ONE!

TOP 10

I even made a nice visual…isn’t it adorable?

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12 Days of Xmas – Day 1

It has been almost a year since I updated the site, let’s get started with something I wanted to try last year as well.

On the first day of Christmas my waifu gave to me…
an adaptation that came from Key

Little Busters!

At long last it has come!

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Best of 2011 Countdown #9

I have failed you god! ;_;

Yes yes lets continue the countdown, with christmas almost here things are getting busy all over the place so trying to keep up with this is getting interesting…it also sucks that I had more than half of my post for this entry complete and then I lost it so I had to redo it all over again. I should be playing SKYRIM or catching up on my anime backlog instead right now but oh well, Dragonborns need to take a break as well.

With Hanasaku Iroha ranked at #10, just what 2011 anime took the #9 spot?
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Best of 2011 countdown #10

Still watching anime on 2011? I seriously hope you guys don’t do this

Now this anime year has been ridiculous, compared to previous years the quality and quantity of actual GOOD titles for 2011 has been at its best since the year 2007 in my opinion, and 2012 seems to be continuing this trend for now. It’s a great time to be an anime fan.
This countdown is something I wanted to try out for a while now, since the year is ending I decided to dedicate the next couple of days to list my personal top 10 favourite anime titles of 2011. If your favourite series happens to show up then congratulations, you have a refined and exquisite taste in anime. If your favourite series does not show up at the end then I probably havent seen it yet or (most likely) you just need to get better taste (like me). /trollface

Lets get this count down started!
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Dog Days Episode 13 (END) + Review – Farewell is a Bitch

While this is not a very impressive anime in its technical aspects (except casting) watching Dog Days is just so much freaking fun that it’s easily one of my favourites of this season so far.

And after 13 episodes this did not change. Dogs Days was never a series that took itself too seriously, but we’ll talk about this later. For now we are just here to say goodbye to our hero Cinque

I didnt have a better screenshot for the opening paragraph...sorry

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[C] Episode 12 (END) + Review – Some things cant be un[C]n

While I still havent gotten too much into this show, its has an interesting concept and if they can use it properly this could end up as a dark horse of the season.

I wrote the following on one of my previous posts. Now that the series has come to a close I can say that this quote did not come true. But before I start to write my opinions on this series lets talk about the final episode.


Man if this happened in real life my TWGOK BluRays would have been CHEAP AS FUCK!

Click to [C] the rest!

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The World God Only Knows II Episode 3 – The District Chief Arrives!

YES! THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! Haqua du Lot Herminium’s anime debut is here! And after listening to Hayami Saori‘s performance as Haqua it almost feels like she was born for this role!

The wait was worth it

Click for more Haqua awesomeness!

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Quality Check – Spring Season 2011 (Part 2)

Continuing on from where I left off on my last post. This season marks my new personal record for the number of ongoing anime I’m following in a single season. Lets not waste any more time.

Hidan no Aria (Ep 1-2)

J.C Staff doing J.C Staff things

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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – Why I Love It.

Don't worry, they're harmless.

You knew it was going to come one day. Everyone out there who knows me, knows how much I fanboy over Milky Holmes, but none, …perhaps a handful know why I love this show so much despite it’s sheer absurdity.

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Quality Check – Spring Season 2011 (part 1)

Putting last season behind, I now focus on the present. 2011 has so far been one of if not the best years for anime related news I’ve ever seen. Every month something good happens, and this Spring season’s lineup looked so impressive that for the 1st time I am following almost 15 series in a single season (a new personal record). With so many animes to cover, I will split this post in 2 parts so let’s get started.

Nichijou (Ep 1-4)

Kyoto Animation is back! At 120fps

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