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11Eyes 12 (END) – This f’cking show!!!

hahaha im so late watching this, I couldnt wait for SFW to release their ep12 so i went ahead and got someone else’s….and seriously 11Eyes…really? Did you just really completely deny my Misuzu sex scene and the incredibly satisfying deaths … Continue reading

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I got internet again!

So yeah after convincing my uncle to get a wireless router (muahahaha) I can now finally continue to update this blog….the list of things I have to write are truly massive so stay tuned to updates coming (but maybe after … Continue reading

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Holiday Break?

Same goes for me Tomorrow I will be leaving for my uncle’s house in Michigan for the christmas/new years holidays. Although there is an internet connection there, I am still unsure if he has a wireless connection, in the event … Continue reading

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11Eyes 11 – The greatest ceremony

Why 11Eyes…why do you always force me to write so much about you every episode!!! Could it be that I actually I am enjoying watching you the most now? Surely that cannot be…but still, this one always forces me to … Continue reading

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11Eyes 10 – A blinding rage

I will congratulate 11Eyes for turning from a mediocre show to one of the shows that makes me want to watch the most in the span of 3 episodes. But dont get me wrong…it has indeed gotten better in terms … Continue reading

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11Eyes 09 – For the sake of friends and tomorrow

Is it just me? or is 11Eyes suddently turning from generic with some ok entertainment into a pretty damn good show? Anyways the episode starts exactly where it left off, with a dead nurse

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11Eyes 08 – On the road to yandere

I must say this was a pretty good episode of 11Eyes, better than a lot of the other episodes considering that it didn’t have any scenes in the red night. I also have to once again comment on how this … Continue reading

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11Eyes 07 – Am I watching Index?

Episode 07 of super generic 11Eyes once again manages to bring some nice action to the table. But the main issue here is the awakening of Yuka…which btw has been on a slippery slope to Yandereville  recently.

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11Eyes 06 – WTF am I watching!?

Episode 6 of super generic yet enjoyable 11Eyes has made me grow a great hate towards Yuka. Despite being a clingy bitch she is now a jealous clingy bitch >_> Seriously she gets on my nerves and when is she … Continue reading

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