Mahou Sensei Negima ch319 – ZA WARUDO

And so the final battle between Negi and Fate finally is underway and boy, Negi’s new passive Magea Erebea upgrade has really powered him up to the point where he can trade blows with Fate evenly without any armaments…and I love it!


Remember when he first met Jack Rakan? His max light arrow output was 100? Jesus Christ Negi…
But Fate is no pushover anyways, he can handle something like this.


Fate’s attacks are not too bad either but just like he was handling Negi’s attacks…Negi could handle his now.

And now he is Touhou...

Ahahaha oh man I love this, Fate doesn’t even get to finish talking and Negi has already gone past all his spam. However Negi dodges them all, Jack Rakan just fucking tanked his way through like a boss!

These guys are just having fun right now...

While the fight so far is already far beyond the level of anyone else on Negi’s (or Fate’s) teams it really does seem like they arent even close to going all out at this point yet.

Oh man why is Negi so fucking badass

I never thought I would say this but at this point now it really doesn’t look like Fate is gonna be able to handle this new demon-Negi with Raiten Taisou on, I mean even without armament on Negi was pretty much giving him an even fight and we all saw what he did to the other Averruncus despite having the same power level as Fate with lighting mode on. I mean look at that, Negi just freaking moves right behind Fate like a boss and he doesn’t even see it happening…this is gonna be interesting.

And the battle rages on

So far so good, I have yet to be disappointed in any of the major Negima battles in the entire series so I am expecting great things to come in the next couple chapters. Cannot wait!

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  1. ulices says:

    i love this manga

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