ARIA vol11 Navigation55 – Orange Princess

Oh god THIS IS IT!! This is the moment in the anime when ARIA went from an enjoyable slice of life into THE BEST anime I’ve had the pleasure to watch. It was at this point that I knew this series had achieved something great, and it was one of the few times an anime had made me cry but not because of sadness, but just plain and pure happiness and joy. And it was also the point when Alice Carroll solidified a spot on my top 3 all time fav anime characters. Of course that was all the anime, how will the manga version fare?

Oh Alice, congratulation for graduating

Much like in the anime, after graduating she is assaulted by her juniors and meets with Akari and Aika who were waiting for her outside. Shortly after graduating Athena finally decides to send Alice on”that” trip.

Shivers runs down every time they say "picnic"

So the next day they decide that Alice will be the undine and Athena the customer, following the anime closely, and slowly im reminded of the epic b’awwwwwwwww that is about to come.

Alice is so pro even Athena feels intimidated

So much like all doubles in Aqua, Athena slowly starts to send Alice down the path of her future, after resting on the lift and having the talk about what is important when it comes to singing, Alice is shown the road of her fate

Oh god its this point my heart was beating fast

So Athena makes the request of Alice, the request for 1 final song. Of course, Alice’s next line makes me like her even more

Shit just got real

The next scene is Alice’s grand song, unfortunately this is where the anime version has a clear advantage due to the fact that you can actually hear the song coming out of her mouth…(which btw was beautiful).

A grand performance by Alice!

After singing such a great song, the moment that defined the history of Aqua’s undine industry unfolds!

*sniff* brb

It was a little hard to notice how she grabbed her second hand in the manga, but the scene was almost as good as in the anime…and had I read this manga first before watching the anime I prob would’ve been sent back to that day of happy tears.

Welcome to the road of Immortality

Chapter 56 post will come soon after, I still need to watch a lot of animes lol and of course lolCollege

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One Response to ARIA vol11 Navigation55 – Orange Princess

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m just going to pretend that, on the first page, you can actually see her pantsu through the gap between her legs.


    But yeah, now that the manga is this far (Alice being my favorite Undine and all), I might just have to read it instead of rewatching the anime again.

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