Hayate no Gotoku! Revolve chapters 1-14

Hayate no Gotoku! Revolve was a bonus work by Hata Kenjiro himself that were released with the season 1 anime DVDs. There are 14 pages translated so far with each being its own chapter, combined it forms a small little NON-CANON series. You can consider this as an alternate universe with extra amounts of fanservice in which Sayuka seems to be one of the main heroines xD, anyways here is a small summary of it:

Page 1 – Maria and the SP save Nagi instead of Hayate (Maria wears some rather revealing maid outfit)
Page 2 – Nagi the Flame Haze saves the unfortunate Hayate, unfortunately she can’t hide her identity well, URUSAI x3 imminent (seiyuu joke?)
Page 3 – Some TTGL between Nagi and Wataru, Hayate and Sakuya meet for the first time (Sakuya caught changing)
Page 4 – Isumi confuses the hell out of me and declares herself Hayate’s murderer (Isumi fanservice too)
Page 5 – Pure Izumi and Aika onsen fanservice
Page 6 – Hayate is now a maid, Chiharu fanservice and Hayate identifies herself as Maria (death flag triggered)
Page 7 – Hinagiku has a sprained ankle, Hina fanservice, and Hayate reveals being a boy while she is wearing almost nothing
Page 8 – Sakuya in Hakuo uniform, rehearsing a play?, confession from Sakuya to Hayate (as a joke), Hayate cant handle it as one
Page 9 – Hayate practices being Maria, real Maria finds out and evil aura, Sakuya stops Hayate from leaving her side
Page 10 – Hayate dwells on Sakuya’s “confession”, Santa Ayumu shows up to cheer him up, Hayate asks her for ¥100,005,000
Page 11 – Maria and Nagi try to cheer up Hayate, vocaloid cosplay is now activated
Page 12 – Wataru has a dream, Isumi, Nagi, and Saki fanservice
Page 13 – The mansion is on fire, Sakuya trapped inside, Hayate to the rescue!! He walks in while she is in the shower (Sakuya fanservice)
Page 14 – Hayate carries Sakuya, Hayate gives her a forehead kiss, promises to protect her…will he escape from the fire?

If you know me well enough you should know which one was my favourite, thats right it was:


That is all of them for now, I hope there are more of these since they are actually a pretty damn good read and its a nice break from the EPIC SRS BSNS going on in the real story right now xD

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4 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! Revolve chapters 1-14

  1. Maria says:

    I liked the ones with Sakuya in it

  2. wolfnagi/Silverwind says:

    PM the pic please,game

  3. atvrcr says:

    wow I never heard of this, I should probably read it

  4. Bernie Trias says:

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