MM! Episode 3 – Sado Taro and his Five Friends.

Game8910: Sometimes episodes are so awesome it needs to be blogged apart from the weekly impressions post. This is an example of such episode. Also welcome mikomonday’s first true blog post! \o/

Yumi, our twintailed girl wants Yuno to transfer over with her to some new school. Seems like transferring schools in Nippon is a breeze you know. With it being in every. single. animu.

And so we’re greeted with a newer, taller version of Kuroko. Who doesn’t love the bestie-wants-you-in-her-bed type of friend? From sekushi massages to the same level of male aggression us MM! watchers have come to expect, she looks promising even though she seems pretty set as a side character.

Game8910: You may also remember Yumi from such animes as Highshcool of the Dead.

Oh man, yea, its stiff alright.

Either way, seems like Yuno gets a little encounter with her past. Can you see dat smile in this guy’s face as he gets up in her business? What a nice time for it to happen too, right when she’s deciding whether or not to transfer. This goes out to all you cute girls out there: No matter how complicated high school drama is, always be on the lookout for jealous dudes who’ve tried to rape you in the past. What’s even worse is how Tatsukichi is standing here with some dumbfounded look on his face. Oh well, can’t have the looks AND the smarts.

Taro gets whats going down and takes a visit to Yuno’s apartment. Not going to lie, playing off something serious as abuse with her laughing when his masochism kicks in is a pretty wild jump, but it kind of sets up for the epic showdown later this episode. Taro getting 100% bancho? You betcha.

So….how does Taro know that this guy is in this exact room? Well, we all know the best stories are the ones that require no reasonable backstory. That aside, look at this playa’, with some chick on a couch ready to get down and dirty. What right does our hero Taro here have to interrupt him in one of the most amazing experiences two people can have?

"He bro, no time for bitches we 'bout to get ourselves in a bout of fisticuffs."

Man, when stuff goes down, Taro brings it. kinda. Looks like going up against someone in the boxing club doesn’t necessarily put you at an advantage when it comes to fights, but being a masochist sure does help. Too bad he’s not being hit by a hot chick. After receiving the ass-end of who knows how many punches, Taro finally goes into overdrive. Mustering that final ounce of strength, he tries to get in that “ultimate showdown punch”

The crotch man, its open.

Oooh. Not really what we were expecting. But then again, this is MM! not some overly testosterone-riddled shounen. Mio’s bat strikes with the precision of a well trained marine sniper (or an enraged Japanese high school girl, you decide) And puts that M down on his knees, where he can take a well aimed shot at the guy’s face.

Well with this little situation taken care of, what’s with this sudden change in Mio! a little unexpected is it not? All of the beatings must have been worth it to score some huggles from this cutie, especially after getting my ass beat down and winning with some help from the same girl. There went the perfect mano y mano confrontation. And anyways, looks like this guy’s got some worse issues waiting for him down the road from Yumi.

His not ready.

And the close of the epside cues in right here. Of course Yuno can’t leave the school, but we already knew that. Seems like the two are gettin’ pretty close there. But not really, you know, because she has um… oh yea, androphobia. And well well what do we have here, Yumi transferring to their school now. Man, It must be easy to transfer in Japan. Oh wait, did I already say that?

Overall, it was a nice change of pace to see what MM! can do based on what the synopsis of the show tells us. The episode did indeed hit a string in your heart and it followed up with the story fairly well based on the context of what was foreshadowed in just a single previous episode. MM! may very well turn out to be a show with some actual depth this season.



Game8910’s corner:

Was I the only one who felt like he was watching an episode of Ookami-san while watching this? Granted Tarou is not nearly as badass as Ryoushi but the general idea was there. While the drama was indeed pretty well done this week, to me what stole the episode was the many different kinds of cosplay Michiru forces on Mio.

The is one thing wrong with this, there isnt MORE of it!

And if cosplay was not enough…poor Mio is subject to what I like to call “light rape” on the hands of Yumi. I do have to admit after KissxSis I knew Taketatsu Ayana could do the moaning but dammit this time around it was too much to handle.

I think she enjoyed it as much as everyone watching

On the drama side of the episode, mikomonday (u may call him MM for short) already covered pretty much everything I had to say, but I do have to compliment Mio’s epic support and the scene after the fight ended.

Looking pretty almighty thar

I really liked the whole light and feathers effect, it really symbolized how Tarou saw Mio’s help as true divine intervention…man at this rate Mioism might actually come to reality.

I havent mentioned Yuuno a lot despite being heavily involved in this, but I do have to admit she has slowly been getting more awesome every episode, I mean she can even crack jokes at Tarou now! Thats some real progress compared to episode 1.

I can these two getting into some "Nana to Kaoru" shit in the future...

And before I end this post I would like to re-affirm mm’s point on tranfers in anime, why is this so fucking easy?

Is this some huge counterfeit market or something?

MM! episode 3 was by far the best of this show for now, I can only hope that the series continues in this way and turns into a surprise hit this season.

Episode 3 Rating – 5 transfer students (out of 5)

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