Ore no Imouto 3 – My bro couldn’t possibly cover me this much

Man this episode. Is it just me or are a bunch of moefag shows this season churning out  genuine dramatic scenes? Let’s hope this trend continues shall we now.

Or maybe not at this moment. Anywho the episode starts off with Kirino and Ayase going to a photoshoot because you know, they’re models and such. We get a nice little shot of teenage ass along with a peak at Kirino’s peers in the modeling business. AIC sure knows how to pander to the otaku now don’t they!

So what if it's on every other OreImo 3 post? dat ass.

Ayase then cordially asks what our little starlet here is up to this weekend. Now we all know she can’t just say she’s a dirty little eroge playin’ otaku going to meet up with her fellow fujoshi now right? This makes Ayase a bit suspicious wondering if she has a boyfriend. Well, we all know the answer to that, if anything little Kirino would be making a harem of imoutos herself.

The episode then cuts to Kirino flashing her power level. Seriously, loading save states to unlock addition CGs? Only the highest tier man, only the highest. I love the amount of jabs that Kirino and Kuroneko exchange over the phone, it’s like /a/ on an IRL scale.

You best believe it sister.

It also seems Kuroneko here has an imouto herself,  who could miss Kirino’s face when she tells her about giving hers a bath. Life indeed is full of the simple pleasures, money can’t buy you everything now especially a little sister and a complete save data with all CG’s unlocked.

And so another healthy, fruitful day starts with the trio in Akihabara. Kirino quickly finds out the others don’t have to keep their expensive secret hidden, it’s just another hobby right? I’ll be sure to plaster my Dengeki Hime posters all over my room so my friends can get a glimpse of how manly I am. You know I only cosplay as anime girls because I love them so much. And what’s with this Kyousuke x Manami (that’s the short haired girl, I’m sure we all needed a reminder for that one.) action in between our fujoshi meetup? Goodie good girls never win sis, and that haircut just isn’t working out. Oh did I mention she’s voiced by Satou Satomi AKA Ritsu? Talk about unpopular.

So Kyousuke comes home and sees that Kirino’s secret is out and Dad is just a bit angry. After talking with her about the situation, he finally sees how much of a meanie Daddy is. So what does any self respecting bro do for his little sister? Gotta grow some balls and confront the final boss man.

Exactly, and you ARE /a/'s perfect waifu.

Kyousuke v Gendo Dad, gogo. You know I have a great deal of respect for Kyousuke now. Being an Asian kid myself, going up against an Asian Parent means you’re most likely going to get shut up and/or your ass whooped. But it seems that he’s broken through to him! I mean Kirino did make new friends and she’s happier now than ever right? What a wonderful display of understanding and compassion for someone else’s feelings. Maybe Dad isn’t so bad after all; he does of course care about his daughter more than anything. What a kuudere father.

But wait! What’s hilarious is that Kyousuke is trying to justify her actions. When it all comes down to it, a 14 year old girl really shouldn’t be playing pornographic games, but that’s just what society has concluded. So now Dad is just going to throw away all that hard earned eroge! As a bro, we can’t let that happen now can we Kyou? Show ’em what you’re made of.

Save the sisters, save the world.

“Hey dad, I was jk’ing lol. Those loli games are actually mine, you don’t need to go in there now right?” Ohhh man. Think you’re a little too deep now Kyou-bro.

Musuko, I am disappoint.

Needless to say, I think a punch to the face is justifiable enough. You gotta lay down the law in your own household after all.

What a beautiful display of sibling love. No, not that kind *cough Yosuga no Sora cough*. Must have all been worth it in the end just to get that “Arigato ne, Aniki”. Dat blush, dat face, dat 100% tsun. Will Kyousuke turn into a sis-con? Will they spend their days away playing lolicon eroge into the wee hours? We’ll have to find out next episode. What I do know is that the OP playing in the ending does make it seem very much like a final episode as Game pointed out to me earlier. They even using the title as the last line! OreImo is definitely shaping up to be the premier animu this season, can’t wait to see what will happen next week.

And if anyone missed the ending frame artwork by Na-Ga, fuckin’ shame on you all.

Game8910: Fuck you guys this is mine! no one is allowed to post it around! FFFFFFFFFFF

almost Saya.

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