Ore no Imouto 4 – A little bit of nothing.

So its gone with the dorama this time around, compared to MM! at least. You know the episode wasn’t even that interesting. But why was OreImo so captivating this episode? Besides the obvious:

1. Ayase and Friends

Kirino’s model peers got a good amount of screen time. Who the hell is that one twintailed loli and why don’t we know her name yet? More importantly, what kind of 17 year old guy gives a damn about what little girls are talking about in the first place??  Has animu conditioned me into thinking 14 year old character designs are actually legal age, because her friends are pretty hot.

Game8910: Actually a recent commercial says Kirino is 15, and Kyousuke 17. SO ITS ALL OK!

Caring about teenage girl gossip.

And at the end, was that Kyousuke hitting on her this episode? Come on now, I would be too…I think. A teenage model without the bitchiness associated with Kirino. Tsuns don’t work very well in the real world.

Yea well you know, it'll be good to have your number anyways right? It's not creepy at all ^o^

And she’s giving him her number!  What a player. How does someone so seemingly low profile suddenly jump to the front of Kyousuke’s attention? It’s all for Kirino though neeeee~?

2. Comiket

What better way to relate to the core audience of this show then to show the most hallowed convention for otakus worldwide. Good show AIC. From blantant to witty product placement, itasha, stereotypical geeks with headgear, and that great huge cloud sweat that forms from condesation of thousands of geeks, OreImo wants you to feel like you’re there without actually being….there. Well that and if you were with a sister who’s a model and her actually cute goth-loli acquaintance.

Well unfortunately, not all otaku can be models.

Unlicensed Blade Works. Among sorts.

3. Bitchy Kirino

Holy shit, if it were any other character then it would totally be unacceptable, Kirino wasn’t just being tsundere this episode, she was being a flat out selfish bitch. From bossing your bro around, dragging your group so you can get a limited edition CD and then jacking the hard earned prizes from your rival, doesn’t get much worse. If anyone of you has been to a con, you know how shit goes down.

so. fucking. close.

Hold my shit bitch.

But it’s Kirino, so its ok. everyone will forgive her anyways. And does it make the episode better? Well of course! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a 14 year old girl grab you by the balls.

Game8910: While sometimes I wanna slap her shit hard for being a bitch, all is forgiven when she puts on this face.

So did OreImo move anywhere this episode? Not treally, if much at all. They way the Ep 3 was played out with titular phrase as the last line and the OP set as the ED, it seems like they were using it mark the real content in these upcoming episodes. Sure I don’t mind another not-so-slice-of-lifey series again, especially one with a back story as hilarious as this, and it contrasts well with the “heavy” drama that occured last episode. But we’re gonna need some proper character development soon (and what’s plot development in these “moe shows anyways?). Kirino meeting Ayase at the train station? Let the shit hit the fan.

Kirinooo you have some 'splainin to do~

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7 Responses to Ore no Imouto 4 – A little bit of nothing.

  1. SealedTime says:

    I felt they relied a bit on fanservice for this episode :3

  2. miko.monday says:

    plot where?

  3. miko.monday says:

    legal in mexico.

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