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Yet ANOTHER top 10 of 2014 blog

Are you as sick as me of seeing “Top 10 XXX of 2014” posts, tweets, blogs, etc… absolutely everywhere? Well if you are then brace yourself because HERE IS ANOTHER ONE!

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12 Days of Xmas – Day 1

It has been almost a year since I updated the site, let’s get started with something I wanted to try last year as well. On the first day of Christmas my waifu gave to me… an adaptation that came from … Continue reading

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Best of 2011 Countdown #9

Yes yes lets continue the countdown, with christmas almost here things are getting busy all over the place so trying to keep up with this is getting interesting…it also sucks that I had more than half of my post for … Continue reading

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Best of 2011 countdown #10

Now this anime year has been ridiculous, compared to previous years the quality and quantity of actual GOOD titles for 2011 has been at its best since the year 2007 in my opinion, and 2012 seems to be continuing this … Continue reading

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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – Why I Love It.

You knew it was going to come one day. Everyone out there who knows me, knows how much I fanboy over Milky Holmes, but none, …perhaps a handful know why I love this show so much despite it’s sheer absurdity.

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Ichika and the Jelly Factory 08 – BLITZKRIEG!

After watching ep 08 of Infinite Stratos…I wish I had a valuable reaction face for what I saw but I dont…so I will only leave it at this:

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A New Post! (FINALLY?!)

Yeah, finally. This is ST speaking, well. Writing. Sorry for the epic lack of updates. Game and striker have gone M.I.A. on me, and I’m too busy with school to keep up with updates any longer. The new batch of … Continue reading

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Blog posts where?

So why has there been a lack of activity up in here? Short answer is finals kick everyone’s ass. Not only did I have finals but I also had to finish up college applications only to find out that I … Continue reading

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Kana Hanazawa Signed Card

Sorry for the lack of updates from my side, I’ve been real busy lately with random school crap. Here I am blogging before I go out and be used as free labour. I love you school. Anyway, enough of my … Continue reading

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Koe de Oshigoto 1 – Renshuu shiyo!

Premise: Girl gets thrown into the eroge seiyuu field on her 16th birthday by her older sister. Will she be able to cope with the new experiences she will face along the way?

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