Ore no Imouto 5 – Unrealistic Expectations.

In a predictable fashion, Imo 5 this week brings some much needed teenage drama to the table. Nice change from episode 4 of course. But how well did it really play out?

Now there isn’t anything wrong with being a bitch, but Kirino puts it into overdrive this week. hooooly shit, but it’s not like we see this coming right? Ayase’s a little suspicious of what’s going on here, and I don’t blame her, Kirino was never really good at lying (or telling the truth) anyways. Let’s take a look at how she loses all of her friends in just a single scene shall we! Enjoy the rich visual experience that OreImo has to offer us this week in the form of screencaps.

caught in the act.

And so we see another amazing bi-fucking-polar character intro, Ayase would be the perfect yandere, in a lovable Rena kind of way. ^o^




And then she finds out.

So you lose your best friend, that isn’t so bad right? At least you have your otaku friends who you can actually talk to about stuff you like…

oh wait.

Kirino sure does know how to play her cards. How does it feel anon, to know you’ll never have friends who will subject themselves to such indignity for the sake of your happiness? This bitch has it all and is totally oblivious to it all. But that’s not it…

She has a bro who totally cares for her now, and chooses to blow him off. (well, not literally.)

so did he just want to say it lol?

well she does have a point...Yea Brosuke, you're such a shallow siscon, you totally deser-



*ding ding ding!* KO!

So you fault him on his sudden caring for you, that’s fine. But no man deserves to be kicked in the balls. Especially after he takes a punch from final boss last week. Then again, she’s a fucking 14 year old girl, can’t expect much coherent logic here. Anyone else notice Kyousuke gets up just 10 seconds after getting kicking the the ‘nads? I don’t know whether he has balls of steel or if he’s just lost all sense masculinity, being his little sister’s bitch all the time.

anyone else notice tsundere otosan?

Moving on…..Kirino’s attempt to try and make up with Ayaste fails.

ay nigga, this shit ain't gonna fix itself.


Not only does he want to get these two together, when Kirino’s half-assed method doesn’t work, he throws himself once again and takes the bullet so his sister can have some sense of happiness. Too bad bitches will still be bitches. Balls are long gone by now.

Besides the angst-y teenage drama such as Ayase saying she knows Kirino the best when she should have seen this coming a mile away, this episode did deliver some solid attention grabbing scenes. (well, most were wtfbbq moments but I digress.) Everyone is raeging out of their minds on this episode, are you one of them too? Drop threads, drop threads/blogs everywhere on the internets. Bravo though to AIC for offering an in-depth experience at what it’s like to be a little girl, something I’m sure many of us anime viewers would just love to be. My prediction is on another largely stagnate but irresistible episode next week. That you are STILL going to watch.

Kyousuke! You wouldn't leave me just because I'm pregnant would you?

Enjoy the mother-fuckin’ show. You’ll be back.

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3 Responses to Ore no Imouto 5 – Unrealistic Expectations.

  1. SealedTime says:

    I saw, I lol’d.
    Also, Did I mention Kirino and Ayase are getting on my nerves with their bitchy attitude?
    I still love em though.

  2. TS says:

    Kyousuke is the man. Takes a shot in the balls, asks his tsun father for help in an awkward way then declares his love for his sister just so she can make friends with her mate again.

    That’s just adding onto the past shit he’s done, like take that punch like a MAN <:

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