Koe de Oshigoto 1 – Renshuu shiyo!

Premise: Girl gets thrown into the eroge seiyuu field on her 16th birthday by her older sister. Will she be able to cope with the new experiences she will face along the way?

And thus, a new seiyuu is born

New? Yea. Interesting, sure. What does it deliver though?

I’m just going to be blunt, this sounds like one of those dream plots some twisted lolicon has. And, well, to some extent, it works. Koe de Oshigoto doesn’t try to make the visual novel industry glamorous or anything; in fact it portrays what goes down in-studio in a very typical kind of way, akin to an animation studio (again, to an extent, as we will see later on.)

Meet Kanna. She just celebrated her sweet 16. What a great time in her life right? Her sister Yayoi figures “oh hey, my little sister would make for a great voice in one of the games I make.” So what’s wrong with the situation already? Why is she asking her sister at 16? If she isn’t going to wait until 18, why not start her off at like, say 13? That’s what I would do.

In any case, pretty cool to have a sister who does illustration for eroge. Even cooler if she could get me a job where all I gotta do is recite lines and shit. I don’t know why Kanna’s complaining.

Working hard or hardly working?

With their father passing away, Kanna’s family must have it tough. Yayoi does have her reasons, but then again, she probably chose this job because she wanted to. Then again, we all know the saying: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Wise shit by my bro Confucius. Yayoi’s doing it all for her little sis, so she can succeed in life. Way to go!

She takes the job! Step one complete. Now comes the hard part, training your little sister to spout out naughty words:

missing a 悓 and a怀恔 for all you "kan-n-a" peoples. See what I did there? Yea, pretty lame i know...

Needless to say, Yayoi is totally corrupting her little sister’s pure mind. But oh how sweet it is. Let’s show her an actual recording session with some real talent shall we? Kanna is put into a recording room where she gets to see Warasono Fumika – The company’s star seiyuu – get shit done.

Rainbow chinpo, 'nuff said.

Dedication! Kids these days have none of it.

See, working in the eroge industry is an honorable job! The people there are no less hardworking than anywhere else and they do deserve your respect. It is all about putting your heart and soul into that one character so you can become one with the scene. I can’t say the same for the pornography industry though, they’re just a bunch of sluts.

Yayoi then assigns Kanna an eroge as part of her practice, after all you can’t voice one of you haven’t played one right? All this innocence being taken, absolutely disgusting. Anyone deriving pleasure from this should be ashamed.

sew taboo.

Unfortunately, all of this external stimulus is too much for our little Kanna to handle.

without even fapping.

During the next board meeting, we find out that Nagatoshi, a childhood friend of Kanna and Yayoi does the screenplay for the games. How convenient, because Kanna totally has the oniichan thing going for him. After reviewing the latest script, Yayoi pushes some more scriptlines for Kanna. She now has to take the next big step to becoming a big time eroge seiyuu:

Learning how to sound like you’re sucking a dick without actually sucking a dick – Part 1.

At school:

she's going to make a great girlfriend some day.


But it just doesn't sound like you're sucking a dick!

Solution? Let Kanna suck Childhood Oniichan’s finger.

What you wouldn't give to have a 16 year old suck your finger.


Kanna obviously has trouble getting those lines out. But as always, her sister has a few tricks up her sleeve. Just how badass is she? Let’s look at what she does:

  • Subjects her sister to high tier voice actors so she can get a feel for the situation
  • Gives her eroge to play
  • Has her run for half an hour to make her sound that much more erotic.
  • Then puts Oniichan in so she can practice sucking di-finger.

Take Two! Yayoi plays real dirty and puts Nagatoshi in the recording room. Kanna really gets into it now

soul-less eyes.

It’s a smashing success and Kanna gets her lines out flawlessly, and by flawlessly, I mean in as broken up, ecstasy filled moaning as possible. We also find out that our little starlet can reach orgasm simply through reciting lines. Isn’t she just adorable?

Looks like she was made to be an eroge seiyuu after all.

Overall, a very enjoyable watch that made my evening, and that’s saying something as I watched Imo 8 as well. Looking foward to the next episode in the OVA.

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5 Responses to Koe de Oshigoto 1 – Renshuu shiyo!

  1. Game8910 says:


  2. kei78 says:

    The anime is well done and i hope the next oav will come out soon.

    I have heard about 6 oav, so i hope the next one will be promising too.

  3. Rainbow censorship is the best form of censorship I’ve come upon, lol.

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