Blog posts where?

So why has there been a lack of activity up in here?

Short answer is finals kick everyone’s ass. Not only did I have finals but I also had to finish up college applications only to find out that I got accepted into Cornell University, therefore I had to run my ass around withdrawing other applications. Game on the other hand was busy with programming and accounting shit, as boring as that is..

And now some answers!

Q: But, but, why would you want to compromise your huge, and I mean huge fanbase and ridiculously off-the-chart level of views? Don't you care about us at all?

A: Of course we do. But then again school is more important. I AM an asian child after all. I don’t know why Game cares so much though.

Q: I heard Game is playing too much fucking WoW and isn't doing enough blogging. What a fag

A: This is true. All of it.

Q: So what? Are you just going to be lazy asses over winter break too? Not like anything would change.

A: See this is where it all changes. With the Haruhi movie out in GLORIOUS BLU RAY 1080P DESS, Maybe we can actually get some shit done. Then again it all depends on how much effort Game wants to put in too, we both have long ass catch up lists. Keep an eye out for a Best of 2010 post filled with all your favorite moeshit shows though!

Q: So you do care! What else can we expect?

A: I do the design and graphics for the site, so expect a new kickin’ theme for the upcoming season. And of course more dedication in the upcoming year 😀

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5 Responses to Blog posts where?

  1. Game8910 says:

    Pretty much all of what he wrote! no seriously! he actually nailed it!

    I would like to blog week 9 from where I left off but series are already ending soon and I might just skip the rest and move on reviewing the shows as a whole.

    Also the Haruhi movie is enough of a reason to get me out of hibernation, i’ve yet to watch it in HD though (but its sitting on my hardrive). And yes WoW destroys your life, dont play it guys….

    Im glad I have 2 other guys with me on this blog, see? it wont go dead for over a month anymore!! \o/

  2. SealedTime says:

    I’m preparing for my trip to Japan to the other hand, so I’m also really busy here. Not for exams, but yeah. ^^ Will post on my trip…soon.

  3. kei78 says:

    my bad.

    I understand you guys. it is my last year of studies to get my mechanical engineer title but it is so asspain that i catched influenza from the difficult behavior of work -__-.
    I also have to prepare my 6weeks trip from France to Australia then Japan (and oneway ticket to get back)

    Take your time.

  4. Flan of the Flan Flan Clan says:


    >>*goes to make tacos*

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