MM! Episode 5 – Destroying my childhood

OK WTF DID I JUST WATCH!? This episode of MM! made absolutely no sense whatsoever and has forced me to write the longest post I’ve made since 11Eyes. Starting with Mio trying to exorcise the masochism out of Tarou, what caught my attention that this time Mio’s cosplay was of Louise. It’s funny they went with this choice since both are pretty high up there on the tsun side of the tsundere scale.

I can almost imagine Mio being voiced by Kugimiya Rie

While trying to cure Tarou using candles and hot wax might not be the best idea out there, it seems this bizarre “cure” really did help someone find a solution to their problem.

So right as Tarou’s day begins he finds his the “mysterious letter” in his shoe locker…which makes me wonder dont those lockers have any type of security at all? I mean…it seems shit always ends up slipping there ALL THE TIME. Anyways getting a letter in your show locker, it doesnt take a genius to figure out what it could be…

again...Tarou makes the BEST reaction faces

Tarou is a healthy young man (with a quirk), so there is no reason why he shouldnt listen to the instructions of a possible love letter. This final destination would guide him to the sender, and that person is the new character Hiiragi Noa (Yahagi Sayuri).

Explain further, I dont quite follow here. Shirou.jpg

Now I wasnt really sure what to think of Noa, but she sure as hell didn’t waste any time getting to the point of her invitation letter. I dont know about Tarou but I prefer my high school students a bit more “healthy” but i know the audience for this kind of thing is big, so im sure Noa’s fast pace was a delight for many.

Bras are tools for young adults, thats why you cant do it on your own

While Tarou might have awoken his inner lolicon, Noa uses this opportunity to suck a lot of his pervert juice for her project (no i mean it literally). It seems her plan is taken to turn the entire world into perverts which by a moral point of view is wrong and should not be attempted….ever.

And she goes ahead with such plan, the entire school awakens their fetishes and while some of them were pure hilarious (Adam’s Apple fetish? JAPAAAAAAAAN!!), those who already had it bad…only got worse.

Teach those mongrels! She doesnt have to tell me twice!

So the school is in chaos, and Noa’s assistant which shall be left unnamed because its fucking long and annoying to type, decides to help Tarou in trying to stop her. Of course, it seems his attraction to Noa only reveals his own fetish…

Rockin' Hot Miracle Body? HAHAHA OH WOW!

While his reasons for joining Noa’s club totally puts him on Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan levels, he provides Tarou with the greatest possible equipment he could need.

This has a completely different meaning if you used to follow WWE (WWF for nostalgiafags)

This is when the episode starts to steer from “wtf am I watching” into “this shit aint logical” areas. Having reached Noa, Tarou is forced to face Noa’s giant fighting mecha, now Im not sure where she was hiding this thing but either way Tarou is in trouble and his spiralhentai-energy is running low at this point. His clever plot to power-up is to bring in his only source of strength, the only thing that can make his cosmoshentai burn! Usurugi Mio! (which btw was missing the whole episode till now).

I found it hilarious how Mio seemed to be pretty dere when Tarou sounded so serious on the phone, looks like I was right last week. But back to Tarou, it seems he got some of Tatsukichi’s titanium balls because what he is about to do might be disturbing for some viewers.


Even if he wants to power-up…this is just going overboard…

Suicidal, but ALPHA AS FUCK

The result of this secret forbidden technique was worth it…

Totally made me remember Gurren Lagann, in a more "twisted" way

Its all this stimulation that finally makes Tarou surpass all the limits and become a true legendary being. Sure, you can find super saiyans anywhere now…but how many of the following can you find?

My childhood, currently being destroyed in front of me....just saiyan ;A;

Having become the legendary super masochist, Tarou finally is ready to fight the robot, which by the way, just like real DBZ, did not do ANYTHING the entire scene to stop Tarou from “powering up” with Mio.

What really made me lol was the tribute to the classic Vegeta vs Goku energy beam fight here…with the robot using his laser vs Tarou’s pervert energy.

There is no available word in the english language to describe my face right now

And much like a real DBZ final boss fight, you need something more to stop the evil…

If Goku had asked for THIS energy all along, he could have won every DBZ fight ever

It was great seeing the planet sharing their energy to Tarou, of course…I dont know how the entire world knew that he needed it to begin with but thats details…and according to this anime the most perverted cities in the world are Paris, New York, and London. Either way victory is secured.

Oh I almost forget to mention…it seems this whole time Noa wanted to convert people into perverts because she wanted to make….friends, dont know how that works yet but her but there must be a weird fetish I dont know about yet. And so, add Tarou’s flag triggering speech to Noa and the end result is the obvious one, with her giving Tarou a present the next day.


Its interesting seeing Yuuno starting to feel jealous over other girls liking Tarou, I woudnt mind seeing the romance part of the series develop more, and I hope the series can deliver. MM! has been playing out way better than I could have ever hoped so im not too worried that I will live up to my expectations.

Episode 5 Rating – OVER 3500!! (out of 5000)

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2 Responses to MM! Episode 5 – Destroying my childhood

  1. Wolfnagi says:

    3.5 for Hentai Saiyan??????
    Why game, WHY!!!!!!

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