Motto To LOVE Ru Episode 5 – Yuigasm incoming

My body was already not ready enough to handle episode 4, how the hell did the produces think I would be ready for THIS! So last week they went ahead and threw me full Yami awesomeness but this week they do the same but with Yui, the one girl in the whole TLR cast that has crit-hit me the most. Well i’ll talk about that more later, for now…the first part of the episode was dedicated to Tenjounin Saki (Kawasumi Ayako). But I have to post this shot because it was just too awesome.


I have always wondered…is this how Kawasumi Ayako will be voicing Tennos Athena if Hayate gets a 3rd season? I mean…Saki and Athena already both got the blonde, rich, ojou-sama look with drills…only the eye colour slightly changed! But yeah I just had to get this off my chest…

The second part was probably just made for the sake of producing heart attacks, Run getting a skunk that can lolify pretty much anything? Damn this is just pure blatant fanser-

.......too cute.....

This is dangerous…I mean the characters in this show already look damn cute and awesome without being lolified, why would they go to these leng-


Ok so after 30 minutes of cooldown, I can continue writing this…seriously Yabuki, there should be a limit to how adorable you can make a character look…

Surprisingly...she doesnt look that much different lol

Lets put it this way…after the whole school was turned to kids Run captures the loose skunk and falls, and Lala saves her…

Lala has some of the best cotumes in all of anime

Ok so this was pretty much just as excuse to post all these stitches…I mean, they were so awesome they couldnt go unposted.

The worst thing is that THIS WAS NOT EVEN THE MAIN REASON THIS EPISODE WAS SO AWESOME FOR ME! What followed this violent heart attacking segment was a valentine’s day episode…FEATURING YUI! FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!

At the first mention of valentines, Yui’s dere mode kicks in full force!

How could I NOT make this into a .gif? HOW!?

As Rito and Saruyama talk about valentines, its hilarious to see what his friend wished could happen.

WARNING! This is just a dream...but still, Yuusaki Riko strikes again!

It must be creepy having your best friend fapping to your female self. Either way after listening how any guy would be happy to receive chocolate, Yui embarks on the journey!

Tsundere...AND waifu material right there...

Rito is a lucky motherfucker…yes I so jelly right now…But anyways, Yui’s brother is easy to catch on to her but I mean, figuring out a tsundere is as easy as stealing a handicapped kid’s wheelchair.


Im not going to lie, im a HUGE fan of the bright red face, its always been one of my fav expressions…so seeing this on Yui only adds to the danger points to my brain. This little comment however does remember Yui of a VERY important thing about valentines.

A tsundere's greatest exceptions

And so the new day begins the battle to try to give the chocolates to Rito:

Attempt #1:


va-va-va-BAKA! It was such an obvious word coming….yet I still cant get enough of it.

Attempt # 1 Result: FAILURE

Attempt #2:


Taking a page straight out of Hayate no Gotoku! After the last failed attempt, Rito now thinks Yui is mad at him…as expected.

Attempt #2 Result: FAILURE

BUT THEN SUDDENLY! Run appears to offer her chocolate.

Fuck...Run can be pretty awesome too

Of course this is Rito, he decides to run away, but Yui was stil standing there…

Post Attempt #2 Result: EPIC FAILURE!

So after 2 failed attempts and a very unlucky accident, its only after Yui sees Lala and Haruna’s joint effort to give Rito chocolate that she finally gives it another shot.

Attempt #3:

Third time is the charm!

Attempt #3 Result: SUCCESS!

But wait…there is something missing on this scene, something that is needed for it to be a fully tsundere valentines scene…

thats better..

Such cliched tsundere musings, yet i fall for them every time. Yui knows how to play her cards well, and I will continue supporting her for as long as this series last because of it.

Obligatory chocolate huh?

Episode 5 Rating – 5 tsunderegasms (out of 5)

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10 Responses to Motto To LOVE Ru Episode 5 – Yuigasm incoming

  1. Red21 says:

    you forgot to post some loli run pics FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF goes surprisingly well with the manga selected chapters for animation(but i still cant get over the cutting out of the sleepover part and Yami stand by mode in pajamas FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

  2. Psycho says:

    Looks like XEBEC this time quite consistent with manga version. Even though it will not cover all chapter and probably not same timeline. But its better than first season. Almost altered everywhere.

  3. KennethSS says:

    Aren’t the uncensored versions from AT-X? I’m still waiting for the uncensored versions.

  4. Game8910 says:

    edited the pic with the uncensored version as promised 😉

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