MM! Episode 4 – Love conquers all problems

So after the pretty darn good episode last week, MM! has been constantly getting more entertaining to watch I would not be lying if I said its one of the better shows in the season. But would episode 4 really continue living up to the quality that the previous ones set out to achie-


right off the bat, we already have a sudden confession!?

I guess Mio must have been reading a lot of manga recently because her plan to cure things using the “power of love” was pretty ridiculous, and even if this really was a plan thought out by Michiru-sensei…isnt this completely dispelling all the Yuuno flags they worked so hard to trigger on ep 1 and 2? Maybe her ultimate goal is for Tarou to get the harem end…its all keikaku dori for her.

Oh yeah so they do go on a date…

I believe Tarou has no remaining points in dignity

Surprisingly Mio x Tarou doesnt look so weird as I had anticipated, and hell Mio genuinely expels some strong moe-points when she wants…I mean she even goes as far as faking a cliched flag event on many gal-games, the famous “I injured my hands making something for you”. Which to be perfectly honest also fooled me completely…dammit.


As this date progresses Michiru keeps giving Tarou advice on what to do, but it seems recently too many characters in anime are taking their advice from dating games because I dont ever recall seeing the “option window” so many times in such a short time span before.

nice boot

Of course Michiru would never make plans without spicing things up along the way, and her weapon of choice? TRAPMASTER TATSUKICHI’S GRAND COMEBACK!


How does it feel when a cross dresser have bigger balls than you will ever have? Because Tatsukichi has the biggest and hardest set of testicles in this entire season. GUARANTEED.

Not even constant physical abuse from Mio can stop this warrior from speaking his mind, and all my salutes go to him!

Every line he speaks, is the best line he has spoken

After interference from Yuuno as well, the date eventually continues to spiral out of control and suddenly they are to get married? What the fuck is the reason behi-


Forget everything I said, I dont care about plot now…DAT FUCKING DRESS MAN! But it seems Mio is really willing to pull all the stops to “cure” Tarou with love.

Is this considered rape? Either way I DONT CARE o/

I have to agree with Tarou here, I mean even if its Mio this is just going way too far and there are always the emotional consequences that involves a direct ki-


Seriously WTF!? This is some high level trolling right here, I mean while its clear this will all backfire on Mio in the future at this point in time she is still NOT in the “strike zone” for Tarou, which makes this scene not much of a “OMG YES BEST END MY OTP” but more of a “THAT SLUT”.

Whats done is done, oh yeah I forgot to mention apparently Mio was sick this entire episode and after passing all her germs directly to Tarou by saliva, she finally collapses. Anime rule wills it that in case of emergency collapse of your loved one, running with the girls in your arms is effectively faster and more efficient than calling an ambulance or any other sort of vehicle. I guess I cant complain since Mio now realizes herself that Tarou really isnt that bad of a human being.

Skipping all the hospital talk and how Mio seems to have had a shitty childhood the next day everything seems back to norm-


Man what is this? She already cause a lot of hnnnnnng attacks this whole episode and she is still going at it? Am I supposed to finish this series in perfect health? Ugh…either way, this was also a troll statement because Mio is now able to tease me and Tarou at a university level.

Episode 4 Rating – 4.5 troll dates (out of 5)

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3 Responses to MM! Episode 4 – Love conquers all problems

  1. SealedTime says:


    Wait, if you consider it from Tarou’s perspective, the foot might have been a GOOD END for him.

  2. miko.monday says:

    that hand thing reminds me of chise lol.

  3. TS says:

    Alpha as FUCK ❤

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