K-ON! 14 (OVA) – The moe strikes back

Episode 14 of K-ON finally is here, and just as we can expect from it, it had a full dose of moe moe fun and even just a little bit of music playing. As far as this episode goes, it gives you what a standard K-ON episode would deliver, nothing more, nothing less…so in a way it almost felt like this series was never over for almost 6 months. But thats me…anyways on to the episode.

The light music club decides to go to perform on their first live house, so after a bit of fighting and convincing Mio and Azusa…they go register

Say it proudly!

This being their first time, they must be lectured on the necessary steps to take to get ready for the show. Success is measured by determination!

They posses an unbreakable determination

When shown the dressing room to get ready for the show, Yui’s imagination starts to run wild with possibilities

I'd watch the hell out of this

When shown the stage where they will perform, Mio’s circuits finally give in to her epic shy levels

this anime needs more Mio-explosions

After having been toured around the band returns home and decides on the outfits for the event…hoenstly wearing the same clothes as the ED would’ve been fantastic but Mio betrayed my expectations

dont be mistaken, Azusa's face shows deep disappointment

The day finally arrives, and the determined band finally meet their “competition” for this show


After meeting the other bands, they decide to finally create a symbol that will forever represent the After School Tea Time. In the end a symbol was carefully chosen after prolonged and serious brainstorming to try to come up with something original.

Java endorses K-ON! and moe in general

Does it make me weird that the first thing I thought about when I saw that symbol was of Java? Is it because im a comp sci major? Please someone tell me cause I’d like to know where I stand on the “cool” scale now.

Before the show begins, they have to decide on stage effects, after having Yui ask around Mio comes with an idea that suits her moe moe kyun~taste…PINK

FFFFFFFFF when u put a face like that....its just not fair dammit!!!

And so as the time for the concert draws near, Mugi busts out the perfect medicine to calm the stress

Living up to the name of band is part of your job

So as the concert starts, the girls decide to play their already hit single “fuwa fuwa time”. We also get a pleasant visit.

Looking pretty 80s there Sawako

So the concert goes on, and the girls put on a great show…of course this being K-ON, KyoAni thought it would be too much effort to actually animate any kind of music playing so we were treated to the usual scenery of their clubroom or any inanimate objects that the camera could focus on.

With the concert over, the band now celebrates new year’s together! And how will the K-ON club start their brand new year!?

epic fail! Missing a new year's is blasphemy!

In the morning, Yui wakes up everyone and they gather together to see the first sunrise of the year, and with this we are given a nice episode to help bridge the old season with the new K-ON season 2 that will undoubtedly come sometimes this year (maybe fall?) And I’ll be watching it I guess, I actually like the songs they play 😐

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2 Responses to K-ON! 14 (OVA) – The moe strikes back

  1. Maria says:

    Wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be, but still only average.

  2. mypeLadetaide says:

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