[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch258

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! Hold your horses!! Oh damn this is only getting more and more interesting as it continues to progress!! Yeah this chapter is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! And it looks like the monster situation has finally started getting out of hand.


So now Hinagiku is in possession of the Hokou!? oh shi- thats pretty big power up for her….then again it would make sense for her to get the strongest weapon if she wants to at least keep at the same level as full power Hayate and Midas in this battle. Speaking of which Machina had the Hokou? how!? why!? on volume 17 and then in 22 we see someone stole the sword and battled Midas with it, but who was it? was it machina? so many mysteries! But yeah wow Hayate really got angry this time, I guess having the person he wants to save tell him something along the lines of “Its ok just let me be” didnt suit well with him. Also now that Hayate is using the masamune, and seeing how it can make your feelings explode…I do wonder what Hayate’s anger will cause, will such bottled up feelings just explode into an A-tan confession? The possibility is there, but im not going to hope for it. Another interesting note is Hinagiku getting the Hokuo, the sword itself represents “Justice” I guess its a fitting term to describe Hinagiku’s position in the manga, being the council president and all. However I do wish that the one who gets to use the Hokuo is Hayate and not Hinagiku, I mean…Hayate’s main reason for even starting with sword training back 10 years ago was for the purpose of using that sword someday, it would be kinda annoying seeing someone completely unrelated (sry but Hina really is unrelated most of this whole power of the gods plot) using it in battle. Haha I guess we really cant count Hinagiku out yet can we 😛 Is this what Hata meant by seeing how Hina/Hayate’s relationship will develop? However no matter how hard I try I can only see Hayate growing a Nagi-like gratitude (a bit less obviously) if Hina helps him save A-tan, that is if he even finds out that its Hina in the ranger suit…could this develop into something else? Its not impossible but I see it as EXTREMELY unlikely for her. CANNOT WAIT FOR 259!!

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One Response to [EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch258

  1. Mentar says:

    What I find noteworthy here is that the author once more explicitly acknowledges the parallel between Hayate and Hina: Both are trying to save the ones they love – Hayate trying to save Athena, Hina trying to save Hayate. (in the partly covered line on the last page – to the right)

    Let’s see where this goes 😉

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