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Nyan Koi 12 (END) – Nothing to nyan about

I finally got around to finishing this, hey hey dont look at me like that! I liked the show ok!!?? Anyways this episode picks up where it left off, which was Junpei getting hit full force by the cat curse … Continue reading

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I got internet again!

So yeah after convincing my uncle to get a wireless router (muahahaha) I can now finally continue to update this blog….the list of things I have to write are truly massive so stay tuned to updates coming (but maybe after … Continue reading

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Nyan Koi 10 – Mahou Shoujo Nyanical Twindere

lol What did I just watch? Episode 10 of Nyan Koi was so much different from other episode yet it was prob one of the best ones so far, mainly because we get lots and lots of twin and tsundere … Continue reading

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Nyan Koi 09 – A dense idiot

Gaah Junpei’s density is a little annoying but episode 9 was pretty good overall. There was the first part which was basically a pool episode which featured some usually fanservice, while the second half was more serious and had some … Continue reading

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Nyan Koi 08 – House Infiltration 101

Episode 8 of cat anime Nyan Koi was pretty damn funny, it was definitely a step up from last week’s lackluster onsen episode. One of the many reasons is that we get some nice scenes with Kotone and Akari, and … Continue reading

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Nyan Koi 07 – Nothing Extraodi~nya~ry

Episode 7 of Nyan Koi was the standard onsen episode + field trip episode, 2 birds in 1 stone. There wasnt much to this episode other than Junpei helping cats around and the usual Kanako being jealous of Junpei x … Continue reading

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