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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – Why I Love It.

You knew it was going to come one day. Everyone out there who knows me, knows how much I fanboy over Milky Holmes, but none, …perhaps a handful know why I love this show so much despite it’s sheer absurdity. … Continue reading

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SealedTime’s Fantabulously Horrendous Collection

As many of you guys know, I am an avid figurine collector. This hobby kinda started two years ago when I got my first Natsume Rin figure, the rest was history. However, I’m on a semi-retired state now due to … Continue reading

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A New Post! (FINALLY?!)

Yeah, finally. This is ST speaking, well. Writing. Sorry for the epic lack of updates. Game and striker have gone M.I.A. on me, and I’m too busy with school to keep up with updates any longer. The new batch of … Continue reading

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