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Kana Hanazawa Signed Card

Sorry for the lack of updates from my side, I’ve been real busy lately with random school crap. Here I am blogging before I go out and be used as free labour. I love you school. Anyway, enough of my … Continue reading

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Winter 2009/2010 Overall Impressions

I didnt get to watch too many shows this season due to lack of interest and too much schoolwork…in fact I used to blog episodes of animes before but now I can barely update it for Hayate spoilers and ISML … Continue reading

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Holiday Break?

Same goes for me Tomorrow I will be leaving for my uncle’s house in Michigan for the christmas/new years holidays. Although there is an internet connection there, I am still unsure if he has a wireless connection, in the event … Continue reading

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Im finished!

Ahhhh the freedom, I have finally finished my college final exams for this semester and now even though i still have to work (needs money more animu stuff \o/) I now have more time to catch up on things I’ve … Continue reading

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1337 Blog

I was checking up on things when I noticed this….   Its a slow day as you can see….Im waiting for subs for Seitokai and eargerly awaiting the RAWs and scanlations for Hayate no Gotoku! ch250….*sigh*    

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Kiss x Sis ep 2 – They aren’t blood related so its fine…

I just watched episode 2 of the Kiss x Sis OAD….Seriously wtf did I just watch? I first picked up this OADs because I was absolutely bored and had nothing to watch and the art style looked kinda nice but … Continue reading

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Testing out new design

I am toying with the different design views for my blog atm, I decided to go with this one for now. Let me know if you like it on the new poll I set up on the side bar! KTHNXBAI! … Continue reading

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Aki Sora OVA PV

Now that I’ve cooled down from Umineko 21 I watched the PV for the Aki Sora OVAs, oh god I lold much, this OVA is going to be something interesting to witness. The Aki Sora manga is probably one of … Continue reading

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Starting up

Im Game8910, and im going to use this blog to vent out all the fanboyism in me. SO LETS GO!!!

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