Best of 2011 Countdown #9

I have failed you god! ;_;

Yes yes lets continue the countdown, with christmas almost here things are getting busy all over the place so trying to keep up with this is getting interesting…it also sucks that I had more than half of my post for this entry complete and then I lost it so I had to redo it all over again. I should be playing SKYRIM or catching up on my anime backlog instead right now but oh well, Dragonborns need to take a break as well.

With Hanasaku Iroha ranked at #10, just what 2011 anime took the #9 spot?

Best of 2011 – #9

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

At the very beginning of the year, the winter 2011 season’s line-up looked pretty weak and there weren’t many titles that really looked interesting. With Madoka Magica being the only show in the line-up that looked like it had potential I admit I had absolutely no expectations of this light novel adaptation when it first started.

Meet our badass protagonist, Aikawa Ayumu

With no expectations and oblivious to what I was going to get I am glad to say that Kore wa Zombie desu ka stepped up to the plate for its 12 episode run and by the time I had finished watching it, it had become my favourite title of the winter season. The show was so ridiculous yet awesome at the same time, magiclad girls, vampire ninjas, virtually omnipotent necromancers from hell, monsters that all wear high school uniforms, and our protagonist was even a zombie AND a magiclad girl! And the best part…he made it look awesome! I also greatly enjoyed the OST of the series and it still remains one of my favourites for 2011.

However, much like I mentioned with Hanasaku Iroha I felt like the first half of the series was vastly superior to the 2nd half. From episodes 1 to 6, Zombie impressed me with its very hilarious comedy, while at the same time developing a very interesting plot and characters that I very quickly came to appreciate. Just from those first 6 episodes, I probably would have ranked this series a lot higher. After episode 6, while the series still remained interesting and funny I felt like the pace started to fall apart, many of the moments did not feel as powerful as before and overall it just felt rushed. In the end while the second half did have some high points, I felt that it was never able to return to the fantastic pace and development of its first half.

This being a Zombie post I feel that I cant just not say anything about Eucliwood Hellscythe, the lovely necromancer of the series. She is a completely quiet character and only communicates using her notepad due to her overwhelming magical powers, which force her not to talk. However any actual dialogue Eu had during the series was through Ayumu’s delusions of her, and I love DEEN for this because they used different VAs for her voice in every episode. It was mostly for fanservice and nostalgia purposes (cause all the VAs they used are well known for roles in older anime) but it was very well appreciated. I grew very attached to her character and it’s also one of the main reasons I enjoyed watching this show so much during its run…she is just too goddamn adorable.

I watched the entire anime in Ayumu vision

With all that said, there is a second season in the works that will air in 2012, and after enjoying the first season so much there is no way in hell I will miss out of this.

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