Dog Days Episode 13 (END) + Review – Farewell is a Bitch

While this is not a very impressive anime in its technical aspects (except casting) watching Dog Days is just so much freaking fun that it’s easily one of my favourites of this season so far.

And after 13 episodes this did not change. Dogs Days was never a series that took itself too seriously, but we’ll talk about this later. For now we are just here to say goodbye to our hero Cinque

I didnt have a better screenshot for the opening paragraph...sorry

You know, I always said that this was fun to watch for the characters and MAGIC and never because of the story. This final episode completely reinforced that belief because I feel like Seven Arcs completely bullshit this ending [C] style. With Cinque bound to forget everything once he goes home, we had plenty of Rico tears on ep 12 and 13 but TIME FOR ECLAIR TO SHINE 1 LAST TIME!!

This is tsundere done right!

You could totally see how sad Eclair is to lose Cinque ;A; and Taketatsu Ayana‘s performance helps a lot too! Dammit why isn’t she the main heroine!?

And so the sending back begins. While I can tolerate the tears between Cinque and Millhi (although Cinque’s are actually justified), the sending back scene was a bit, clichéd? And just when I thought that they couldn’t make it even more corny…


SUDDENLY CONFESSION OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE!! I mean sure, they went on morning walks and played frisbee and shit but….no….these 2 spend a lot of time together but not ONCE did they even imply a romantic relationship in 12 episodes prior to this…WTF SEVEN ARCS!

And as this it wasnt enough, we then SUDDENLY learn that there is very VERY specific set of rules that must be followed if we want to re-summon the hero. So specific that there is prob a 0.1% chance that Cinque could’ve met the conditions.

1. Between 1st send-back and re-summoning, at least 91 days must pass – OH LOOK CINQUE SAID THAT HE WOULDNT BE ABLE TO COME BACK UNTIL HIS NEW BREAK STARTS 100 DAYS FROM NOW!

2. The hero has to promise to at least 3 people (not including summoner), that he will return – OH LOOK CINQUE DID PROMISE RICO, ECLAIR, YUKI AND D’ARQUIEN TO RETURN!

3. He has to leave behind an item that has been in his/her possession – OH LOOK CINQUE DID GIVE THEM ALL PRESENTS BEFORE LEAVING!

4. To the summoner, a token of contract and a written promise must be written, both names must be on the written promise – OH LOOK CINQUE DID GIVE MILLHIORE A CARD AND A WATCH WITH A NOTE SAYING HE WANTED TO RETURN (AND BOTH THEIR NAMES ARE ON IT)

While I did say that Dog Days is fun to watch NOT because of the story this turn of events are a bit TOO convenient don’t you think? I think the writers just got lazy by this point…oh well, the fact that Cinque did fulfill the conditions only means 1 thing.

How the fuck does the DOG manage to travel both worlds all the time?

No really…if summoning Cinque and sending him back is so much work why the hell has this dog travelled back and forth like 3 times already? LOGIC!

And so with this Cinque manages to regain his memories and a happy end is achieved. How does a hero celebrate in the end you ask? The only way a hero SHOULD celebrate!

Young kids are so daring these days

Final Episode Rating – 3.5 dog tails (out of 5)

Final Thoughts: It may have looked like I hated the ending from what I wrote above but in reality despite the very lazy writing I did not really hate this episode. As a whole Dog Days was an anime that I loved to watch solely for the flashy battles and light-hearted humour. The series never really did take itself seriously most of the time but for the few episode that it did, I appreciate the effort Seven Arcs put and to be fair, the whole “trying to change fate” deal they had going on was not half bad.

Despite most fights in the series not being serious in nature, one of the things that really kept bringing me back to Dog Days was its action. I don’t know how Seven Arcs always manages to hook me like this (like with Nanoha) but all the magic crests and stuff was just really really cool. Sound wise, the OST was actually pretty good to listen to, very techno but it worked for me. I also mentioned this already but the VA cast of Dog Days is just RIDICULOUS! There is just so much star power here that its crazy.

One thing is certain, if Seven Arcs ever decides to create a continuation of this, I will be watching it for sure! (Dog Days A’s?)

The Final Verdict:
Story: 7/10
Animation: 8/10
Voice Acting: 9.5/10
OST: 8.5/10
Characters: 8/10

Overall – 7.8/10

I want to believe this as well

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5 Responses to Dog Days Episode 13 (END) + Review – Farewell is a Bitch

  1. SealedTime says:

    I swear, the ending was such a bad deus ex machina that I almost cried.

    Ah well, at least there’s Eclair to save the day.

  2. Winnie says:

    i totally agree with the one who wrote on this blog. Milhi is just a ugly cat. CInque should fall in love with Eclair instead.

  3. Winnie says:

    Instead for the title of the blog. EPISODE 13 is not the end. I think episode 14 will be coming out tomorrow. I have two questions for you. Do you think this series will be on going? Is there a manga for dog days?

    • Game8910 says:

      Dog Days is an anime original title so there is no manga for it. The only way there will be more of this series is if it manages to sell well in merchandize and BluRays. But hey…Nanoha didnt exactly do amazing on its first season either so there is always hope,

  4. Joel says:

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    Joel Houston

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