[C] Episode 12 (END) + Review – Some things cant be un[C]n

While I still havent gotten too much into this show, its has an interesting concept and if they can use it properly this could end up as a dark horse of the season.

I wrote the following on one of my previous posts. Now that the series has come to a close I can say that this quote did not come true. But before I start to write my opinions on this series lets talk about the final episode.


Man if this happened in real life my TWGOK BluRays would have been CHEAP AS FUCK!

While the plan of SUPER INFLATION is in full effect, Mikuni and IchikaKimimaro begin their dueldeal. It is obvious from the get-go that challenging a billionaire is a VERY bad idea, how bad you ask? Mikuni can pretty much “Screw the time, he has money”.



To keep it short, our dear MC is very lucky that in the outside world they were “making it rain” Donald Trump style with poor Mikuni’s money. With plot armour as thick as Kamijou Touma, Kimimaro proceeds to break Mikuni’s illusion (and his bank account).


The animation studio either did this for effect, or they really did run out of money at this point...

So with Mikuni defeated, Q vanishes and he says his farewells but who cares…did Msyu seriously kiss Kimimaro in the end? I mean…wasnt she supposed to represent his future? I was under the impression that Msyu was his future daughter or something, and if that is the case…isnt this considered wincest end? Oh well BUT WHO CARES WHERE THE FUCK IS KIMIMARO NOW!?

Making out with your (potential) daughter is probably not in the "right" side

This part totally lost me, I know he reversed the printing of the Midas money, and that this is the inside of whatever that thing that prints it is, and that he is talking to the “Big Boss” that controls all them Masakakis from the Financial District. But..no seriously…

No seriously...who the fuck are you?

Since its obvious we will never find out I might as well stop thinking about it…Kimimaro reverses the printing of Midas money and somehow that magically restores the future of everyone that lost them BEFORE Mikuni even started forcefully printing them to begin with. An ending was needed so might as well BS one on the spot right? Oh yeah and the [C] effect apparently barely even scratched Japan…probably because the yen was so shit that even if they disappeared “nothing of value was lost”? I’ll go with that for now.

And with this Kimimaro saves Japan from bankruptcy and also probably erased his own existence as well, seeing how no one seems to be able to remember him (or actually…can they even [C] him?) I guess he chose the “lonely hero” route in the end but its admirable of him really, I mean he sacrificed himself to rid Japan from that terrible finan-


GG Masakaki, your appearance right there absolutely nullified the entire series and turned Kimimaro from “lonely hero” to “perfect zero”. But then again I might be judging too fast, maybe the world is no longer in any kind of dang-

But the future refused to change....

Never mind…Masakaki confirmed for troll of the season. Well played good sir! Any last words from our hero?

Should've stayed piloting IS bro...

Final Episode Rating – 3 MICRO, MEZZO, MACRO-FAIL (out of 5)

Final Thoughts: As a concept [C] was something pretty interesting and unique, it felt like watching Yu-Gi-Oh with a bit of Eden of the East thrown in the mix. However in the execution of its story, it felt flat a lot of the time. While they focused on the whole “future vs present” ideal for a lot of the series (in a very VERY rushed way btw), I feel like not enough was spent trying to explain the WHY of things (MC’s father, assets, [C], Masakaki, etc…). While people argue that they did the best they could for 11 episodes, I say that if you only have 11 episodes to tell a story, don’t try to make it so “complex” (to put it nicely). Also I will never forgive them for that total cop-out on the Msyu vs Angel fight…fucking STUPID!

In the animation part, the series was full of QUALITY at times and the use of CGI at times was just bad. There were points in the series were I wondered if they were using MikuMikuDance to animate. And for the characters….well, to be honest I felt like Mikuni was the only one we got to know. Everyone else was just there.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 6.5/10
Animation: 6.5/10
Voice Acting: 7/10
OST: 7/10
Characters: 6/10

Overall –6.6/10

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One Response to [C] Episode 12 (END) + Review – Some things cant be un[C]n

  1. Winnie says:

    Is there a manga version for this anime? Is it on going?

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