The World God Only Knows II Episode 3 – The District Chief Arrives!

YES! THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! Haqua du Lot Herminium’s anime debut is here! And after listening to Hayami Saori‘s performance as Haqua it almost feels like she was born for this role!

The wait was worth it

Being a demon just like Elsie, and also part of the spirit hunt team, Haqua is on a different level of skill from the little demon we know. Being the District Chief of Section 32, it means she is a high-ranking officer of hell.

Its ok Elsie, we still love you

Always used to being #1 back in school, Haqua’s pride is as big as Keima’s love for games. So when asked how many souls she has captured…


Introducing her buddy to the demon she idolizes is normal, and so Elsie introduces Haqua to GOD. Of course Keima’s game mode would give anyone the wrong impression, specially such a high level demon like Haqua.

BTW hearing the chief’s DORO’s was freaking hilarious but the situation at hand wasnt anything to laugh about. And so refusing Elsie’s help Haqua continues her hunt alone, however she would get the privilege of being offered help by God himself…thats a rare sight.

But you are not talking to a human here...

As expected Keima cannot be fooled by Haqua’s lies and is quick to strike and get Haqua to cooperate.

In the eyes of God, nothing can be hidden

This is why Keima is one of the best MCs. When when he gets serious nothing stops him…and even if tsundere rule states that you must deny the truth as much as possible, no tsundere can handle a serious Keima.

You've met Keima, now meet The Capturing God

While not physically able, every MC from any anime that needs to deal with tsundere heroines should learn a thing or twi from Keima, this man takes no shit from no one.

Keima 1 - 0 Haqua

Keima 2 - 0 Haqua

Keima 3 - 0 Haqua (YOU'RE OUT!)

After an impressive display of ALPHAism from Keima, Haqua starts to give Keima the first true information behind the overarching plot that drives Kami nomi as a series…no, conquests aren’t everything to this show. Loose soul? Yeah about those…they were never human souls…but old and evil demon souls, so now the stakes of danger are higher than we imagined.

Such a revelation is pretty serious considering that old demons aren’t the friendliest bunch and if by any chance Keima ignores a girl with a loose soul…

Sorry Keima, you're gonna have to CATCH 'EM ALL

It’s also important to note the differences between old and new demons, since old demons are the violent, evil ones while new demons….well

Could this be, an error in evolution?

And so with brand new information Keima and Haqua continue their search of evil energy to find the loose soul. The absolutely hilarious baseball segment was made possible due to the great performance by Seki Tomokazu. Brilliant stuff there!

And so arriving at the school’s oldest building, listening to Haqua’s DOROs I still prefer Elsies but they aren’t bad either! it also seems like new demons and ghost don’t get along well since Haqua’s scared mode was so much HNNNNNNNNNNNNG I could’ve died there, Keima doesn’t help either.

Stay classy Keima

And so, Haqua’s limit is reached and comes clean in front of Keima…

Its ok Haqua! You're still awesome ;A;

And then Elsie’s cries of help…shit just got real!

FFFFFFFFFF cliffhangers!!!

It’s a little sad that Haqua’s arc is only getting 2 episodes, considering that in number of chapters it’s the longest in the series covered so far. But it can’t be helped, also it seems Manglobe modified the long-awaited hug scene between Keima and Haqua for a more gentle “tug” of his sleeve…while it was still HNNNNNNNNNNG it just didn’t carry the same destructive power, but I can live with this because the rest of the episode was just done great. Haqua’s anime debut was everything I expected it to be so im happy now.

Episode 3 Rating – 4.5 captured souls (out of 5)


lol @ Shiori reading COBOL, god that language is annoying

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  1. SealedTime says:

    Get your hands off my Hakua. I was a fan of her long before you Game, mind you.

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