Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – Why I Love It.

Don't worry, they're harmless.

You knew it was going to come one day. Everyone out there who knows me, knows how much I fanboy over Milky Holmes, but none, …perhaps a handful know why I love this show so much despite it’s sheer absurdity.

The Plot

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes revolve around 4 moe lolis with super powahs, lacking in any form of intelligence, fighting the Evil and significantly more mature Phantom Thiefs, who are armed with gigantic boobs and more boobs.In between the story, we are introduced to this group of Police Investigators known as “G4”, a short form for Genius 4, and they, like our lolis, lack any decent form of intelligence. Oh, the irony. If you want to know what’s the story behind Milky Holmes, watch the first episode and episode 11 & 12. That’s pretty much enough for you to understand the entire story, really.

Aside from the rubbish that was the anime, the game was spectacular, I loved it so much. The incredibly plot twists, and how Kobayashi, Milky Holme’s mentor, solved each and every case was an interesting read. Like any decent Visual Novel, the story is split into a few parts. Firstly, the introduction, which addresses some of Kobayashi’s past, his meeting with Milky Holmes, and how this group was eventually formed. The next part involved the various Phantom Thief incidents, in a random order, with the only set order being Arsene in the end. The Game, with it’s interactive anime cutscenes and visuals, were stunning. I was very impressed. The plot was well thought off, and the characters were bad-ass. Cordelia is a notable mention. You don’t see no loli elbowing the crap out of a grown man in the dark. The last part is actually the hidden part, basically, you get to go on a date with the girl that you have fancy, and something alone the way happens, which eventually leads to them saving Yokohama and Kobayashi’s departure from the gang.

Basically, the game’s a prequel to the show, and it does not tie up, honestly. The smart, bad-ass game character were reduced to crap in the show, no kidding.

The Awesome Blu-ray , First Print Edition.

The Music

The OP is awesome, no kidding. I fell in love with the song during my first exposure to it during Anime Festival Asia 2010, proceeding to buy the albums almost immediately. First, the theme song “Sekai wa Hitotsu Ja Nai”, It is incredibly catchy and does not fail to be cute , amazingly cute. Coupled with quality…Yes, QUALITY, animation from J.C. Staff, the OP is always a pleasure to my ears and my eyes. No, I don’t fap to it. The game’s OP ” Ame Agari no Mirai” is also a quality song, despite all the artists being new to the industry. Incredibly catchy and upbeat, it is one of my favourite songs as well. The overall BGM of the show and it’s related PSP game is pretty decent. Not much complaints here.

I support the industry, faggots.

The Artwork

Gorgeous. I dare say it is of top tier, Visual Novel quality. While I have never heard of the artists before, the drawing is top-notch and the characters are portrayed in their cutest manners, designed to strike the hearts of the weak. After my MOE~<3 barriers were shattered by Kana Hanazawa in the previous season, I was struck by Milky Holmes almost immediately.

Personal Thoughts

So how did I start my…fandom for Milky Holmes? This dates back all the way to November Last Year. I’m sure many of you guys have heard of the Anime Festival Asia 2010, which was held in Singapore. No, you haven’t? Google fags. Milky Holmes was designated as one of the guests that were going to grace the event. It all started when I arrived early in the morning to reserve seats for the Kana Hanazawa event, no kidding. 8 hours of pure waiting and hunger for those damn seats. I was patiently enjoying the events that were leading up to Kana’s appearance. And bump, before that, was Milky Holmes’ Apperance. When they went up, I wasn’t particularly intrigued. I watched the anime, it sucked, what could I possibly lo… and that’s when the cupid struck me. The damn seiyuus were cute as hell. I loved them. Their songs were great, they had the looks, I was mesmerised, temporarily. I daresay it was a short moment of dere that I exposed. But that wasn’t enough to make me fanboy over them. I still had my barriers on, Kana Hanaawa nearly destroyed them all though. The following day, I found out that they were having an autograph session. That was the breaking point for me. I rushed to spend my money to get that one single chance to stand in front of those cute Maidens, and get them to autograph my stuff.


And the rest was history.

Twitter accounts were stalked, blogs were stalked, my network of real life otaku friends went crazy over them as well.

Mimori Suzuko, Sherlock's VA

We very much attributed it to that autographing event, which Game will never experience. It was phenomenal. I watched the show intensively, bought their cards, their albums, god. I fell in love.

Final Thoughts

Fanboy-ing is not for the weak, it involves a hell lot of money and dedication as well. When I started this fanboy-ism thing in me, I knew it was a part of no return, but I went in with a smile like the bad-ass protaganist that I am. I can’t find my harem targets though, meh. To sum this long post up, tl;dr, I love Milky Holmes. I really do.

Alright, I’ve got to admit that Game’s posts did inspire me a little since he finally got his ass to blogging after a long period of absence and I decided to blog as well. Anyways, I have to do my homework now, so this is ST, signing off. Ciao.

I love Mimori. I really do.

P.S. For your information, Mimori Suzuko did the voice for Sakura in T.P. Sakura, if you have not already noticed.


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6 Responses to Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – Why I Love It.

  1. Game8910 says:

    You faggot, one day I’ll get all the autographs I want! ;-;

  2. miko.monday says:

    what the fuck is with everyone being late lol?

    also did you mean Quarity JC animation? cuz thats what it was.

    • SealedTime says:

      It’s the trend these days. Where the heck’s your post, striker?

      I was being sarcastic lol. The game’s scenes were Quality though, without a doubt.

  3. Yuzurizaki Nero says:

    i love milky holmes i just wish i can go to japan and have there products and the psp game i always want ^_^

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