Quality Check – Spring Season 2011 (Part 2)

Continuing on from where I left off on my last post. This season marks my new personal record for the number of ongoing anime I’m following in a single season. Lets not waste any more time.

Hidan no Aria (Ep 1-2)

J.C Staff doing J.C Staff things

For many, Hidan no Aria will look like the MOST.ORIGINAL.ANIME.EVER!.

J.C Staff does NOT waste any time in targeting their intended audience with this series. For the main leads of Aria and Kinji J.C Staff carefully handpicked the Toradora! dynamic duo Kugimiya Rie and Majima Junji (I love the fact that I get so much Rie in a single season). I myself was already familiar with the series since I followed the manga for a while. As for the anime J.C Staff has so far managed to faithfully adapt the events of the series and I have so far been satisfied with their work. However you can never be too careful with this studio; Aria has been scheduled to run for a single cour (12 episodes) and as much as I love J.C Staff’ their track record for 1 cour series is not very good (seriously fuck you for Yumekui Merry).

As far as characters go, Kinji is your average MC but when stuck in hysteria mode the badass goes through the roof and I am suddenly reminded of a certain badass motherfucker who could tame tsunderes like a boss. For Aria, she is your typical tsundere and in the manga I really didn’t think much of her, but in the anime (maybe because of teh Rie) her moe levels has shot through the roof and my hnnnnnng was extreme in some situations…this season is going to kill me.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4 dead butei (out of 5)

SKET Dance (Ep 1-3)

I thought this was about dancing

There is not much I can say about SKET Dance, so I’ll let Gintoki do it for me.

Well said, Gin-san

Switch is the best character because Sugita Tomokazu makes everything awesome, no exceptions.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 3.5 FRISKE’s (out of 5)

Steins;Gate (Ep 1-3)

Yu Gi Oh meets Eden of the East

White Fox takes on Nitroplus’s  VN Steins;Gate which happens in the same world as Chaos;Head. I will say this now, the MC is a freaking lunatic but he is very fun to watch and with the way Miyano Mamoru is voicing him…I will probably never get tired of it.

I will say this anime does have a very nice OP which is by the same person who did Chaos;Head’s. In terms of story S;G is still not overly fantastic but it has slowly started to unravel itself more with every episode and my interest in it grows as well. With 26 episodes scheduled I am expecting this series to continue to get better because so far it seems to have a lot of potential to becomes one of the better series of this season. Oh also I wonder if anyone that works for SERN has seem this lol.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 3.5 jelly bananas (out of 5)

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (Ep 1-2)

SHAFT doing unSHAFT like things!?

Wait a minute, are you telling me this anime is done by SHAF? Directed by Shinbo!? You gotta be kidding me!

Denpa Onna has defied the laws of nature, for the first time as far as I can remember I have never seen a SHAFT series that does NOT use any kind of abstract paper cutting animation, random red or black screens or weird text flying around during the episode. Yet here is Denpa Onna, sporting some of the best looking animation this season. Of course even SHAFT cannot contain themselves sometimes so what the actual episodes lack in SHAFTness the OP compensates fully because well….the OP is very SHAFT like.

In terms of characters Denpa Onna’s cast all sport very strong and peculiar character traits (they are all crazy stupid in 1 way or another) but you can always expect quirky characters on a SHAFT anime. Its nothing fantastic but its also not bad, I am enjoying this one a bit.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 3.5 aliens (out of 5)

Gosick (Ep 1-13)

I have nothing witty to write here, sorry

Technically Gosick is an anime of the winter season, however since its the only one from that season that is still running now I might as well group it with this season’s lineup and give what I thought on it so far.

Gosick is a very fun watch, it features pretty decent detective mysteries and overall a simple but nice plot. Character wise, the MC Kujo is a total faggot…while the heroine Victorique is absolute love with her gothic lolita style clothing and slightly tsundere attitude. While the plot has so far followed the same routine over and over of Kujo gets involved in a case, they ask Victorique for help, shit hits the fan, Victorique solves the case  it does seem like the plot is slowly progressing more into character development focus. The cases and mysteries (and their solutions) might not be mind blowing, but Gosick has so far managed to be a constant source of enjoyment and I hope the second half continues with this quality.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4 wellspring of wisdoms (out of 5)

Ano Hana (Ep 1-2)

I still don't know why the title is so fucking long

Like SKET Dance, I don’t have a lot to say about Ano Hana, so I’ll let KEY do it for me.

PS: Menma and Kud have the same hair/eye color combo

Ok I lied, despite the similar premise to Little Busters, AnoHana is a pretty good series so far. Its going with the heavy drama approach as a bunch of childhood friends try to patch things up and reunite in order to grant a wish to their dead friend. I can already see the tragedy and drama building up to some sort of climatic and baww worthy finale so if this anime can manage to deliver that, then it will be a winner in my book.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4 nukemons (out of 5)

The World God Only Knows II (Ep 1-2)

The second coming, is has arrived

They say leave the best for last. Fanboy mode is now activated.

Anyone that knows me might have realized that recently I have grown an unhealthy obsession with this series, it hasn’t gotten this bad since Shakugan no Shana. As for the new season of Kami nomi, I have no freaking idea where Manglobe gets the money because so far the production values of this season are through the roof, the animation is beautiful, the OST is as fantastic as ever, and Keima continues being a GOD.

The new OP “A whole new world god only knows” is much like the 1st season’s OP “God Only Knows”. ELISA this time is joined by someone else (might be Lia or MELL) as epic ENGRISH is used with church like chorus for an awesome song IMO. The ED is not at the same level of “Koi no Shirushi” (which is now my all time fav ED btw) but it’s still a very good ED and prob one of my fav of this season.

As for the story, the initial capture this time around was Kusunoki Kasuga (Koshimizu, Am), the strong and tomboyish Karate girl who has a softer and girly side to her. Back when I first read it in the manga Kusunoki delivered deadly amounts of hnnnng to my body, and I thought that I had prepared my body well for the anime version but no…I wasnt prepared at all. Seeing Kusunoki’s arc animated so well only gave me confidence that the second season of Kami nomi is looking to surpass the first, because well…the story only continues getting better from this moment on. MY BODY IS READY FOR HAQUA (Hayami Saori), COMING VERY VERY VERY SOON!

Cumulative Episode Rating – 5 heroines captured (out of 5)

That concludes my initial impressions on the series I’ve watched for the spring 2011 season. Good lord this is one hell of a good season, so much to watch, so much good stuff…the year 2011 only continues getting better and better as it goes along. At this rate, Fall 2011 will be unrivaled.

[5:13:45 PM] ™๑۩۞۩๑™: Gesoninmurobongu
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2 Responses to Quality Check – Spring Season 2011 (Part 2)

  1. Eater-of-All says:

    >a SHAFT series that does NOT use any kind of abstract paper cutting animation, random red or black screens or weird text flying around during the episode.

    Oh man, I remember when SHAFT used to be this harmless little studio with less personnel and money than your local fruit vendor. These days, Bakemonogatari and Madoka has fatten SHAFT up so much they can afford to put on sunglasses, smoke a pipe or two, and proceed to blow millions of yen putting up a full page ad on Yomiuri.

    >the MC Kujo is a total faggot

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  2. LuciaKonohana says:

    Neat, I’m following each of those shows.

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