Quality Check – Spring Season 2011 (part 1)

Putting last season behind, I now focus on the present. 2011 has so far been one of if not the best years for anime related news I’ve ever seen. Every month something good happens, and this Spring season’s lineup looked so impressive that for the 1st time I am following almost 15 series in a single season (a new personal record). With so many animes to cover, I will split this post in 2 parts so let’s get started.

Nichijou (Ep 1-4)

Kyoto Animation is back! At 120fps

With their absence during the Fall/Winter season since the end of K-ON!! Kyoto Animation finally returns for Spring with their new 2 cour Slice of Life/Comedy series Nichijou.

Right from the get go Nichijou is not your average SoL so do not even THINK of comparing it to K-ON, in fact I don’t even think we can classify it as SoL since the series thrives on small but effective comedy segments that are not related to each other. It almost feels like someone took a bunch of separate comedy skits and pasted it together into a 24 minute video. As for the actual comedy, its hit and miss with some jokes depending on how well your knowledge of Japanese terms and customs are in order to understand. However every episode always has that 1 moment of sheer glory that makes the entire thing worth watching so for now Nichijou has been a blast! Oh and the OP is prob the most addicting of the season! (Do not be fooled! The girl’s voice in the OP is actually the same guy!).

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4 selamat pagi (out of 5)

Dog Days (Ep 1-4)

Nanoha meets Zero no Tsukaima meets MXC

Nanoha famous studio Seven Arcs returns with a new original anime about magic, but holy shit I LOVE THE SEIYUU CAST OF THIS! Pretty much every character that talks in this anime is a high tier VA…Might as well call this Seiyuu Days from now on.

This series alone already contains Miyano Mamoru, Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana, Taketatsu Ayana, Sakurai Takahiro, Ono Daisuke, Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana, Kakihara Tetsuya, Asumi Kana, Koshimizu Ami, Kotobuki Minako, hell it even freaking has Wakamoto Norio AND Tange Sakura on board! WHAT THE FUCK MY EARS WERE NOT READY!!

Enough seiyuu fagging though, as for the actual series, while its pretty mediocre in its story there is just something that keeps me glued to the series and makes me beg for more! The action is decent, the animation is good, the characters are likeable, and the OP and ED are both great performances by Nana Mizuki and Horie Yui. While this is not a very impressive anime in its technical aspects (except casting) watching Dog Days is just so much freaking fun that it’s easily one of my favourites of this season so far.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4.5 tails and ears (out of 5)

C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (Ep 1-2)

Yu Gi Oh meets Eden of the East

NoitamiA’s [C] wins points for being unique in a way. It brings an interesting combination of animation with CGI but it doesn’t always blend in too well. As far the plot goes, as the title suggests it revolves around money and these very interesting card based battles in this weird dimension called the Financial District. While I still havent gotten too much into this show, its has an interesting concept and if they can use it properly this could end up as a darkhorse of the season. I will say this though, the MC’s female friend at his college is a slut!

Cumulative Episode Rating – ¥3,500 (out of ¥5,000)

Astarotte’s Toy (Ep 1-3)

Hayate no Gotoku, but 3x more lolis

After reading the synopsis of this series I made sure to stay as far away as possible. However when I was told the actual series was not at all like the synopsis said and with Tamura Yukari and Kugimiya Rie voicing both main little girls, the potential for hnnnng was too great to pass up.

While I still approached this show with caution (im not one to enjoy loli service) the first episode did not leave much of an impression on me. However from ep 2 onwards this show has managed to turn into quite a simple and enjoyable romance anime (can u call it romance?). Lotte and Asuha are both really cute characters and at this point in time I still cannot pick who I like more. The MC of this show reminds me so much of Hayate due to the way he talks and dresses and acts that’s its remarkable (but he isn’t the God of Poverty like the real deal). Certainly better than I had expected, keep the hnnnnnnnnnng coming!.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 3.5 harem members (out of 5)

Deadman Wonderland (Ep 1-2)

Nice ENGLISH there in the OP

And here comes Manglobe doing what they love to do, serious animes. Deadman Wonderland has so far been interesting to watch, but I havent been able to get into it yet.

What Deadman Wonderland has managed to do however is make me realize how retarded some juries can be. The MC is the only survivor of a murder attempt of an entire class of 30, and because he was the only survivor HE was the one charged for the murders! DERP! While the plot is interesting and stupid at once, at the very least it has provided an interesting foundation for what could be a great series as Ganta fights for his live in order to survive Deadman Wonderland. Lets hope Manglobe delivers here.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 3 days left (out of 5)

Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas II (Ep 1-6)

Am I the only one who watches this?

While I’m not sure if this is an anime for this season since there is only 2 episodes every month or so, I’ll still write a bit on this.

I don’t know who else watches these OVAs other than me, but so far this show has been progressing well. While it hasn’t really been on par with the first season in terms of awesomeness, it still manages to deliver some good moments. The highlight so far has been definitely Cancer Manigoldo taking on Thanatos, Ono Daisuke has seriously been given an awesome role to play and he did it with style! I honestly don’t care about Pegasus anymore, this series is all about the Gold Saints, SHOW ME MORE OF THEM! (or whatever is left of them).

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4 Gold Saints (out of 5)

Gintama’ (Ep 1-3)

Gintama is a troll series, pic related

While I didn’t watch all of the episodes of the first broadcast, I had already watched enough Gintama in the past (plus the movie) to know about most of the characters so I just jumped right ahead into this season.

There is one thing Gintama knows how to do well, and that’s comedy and trolling the shit out of you. That was actually 2 things but who gives a fuck, this is Gintama shit doesnt have to make sense!

In fact I myself am surprised I didn’t watch this sooner, I mean you have Sugita Tomokazu AND Kugimiya Rie as main characters…thats my #1 fav male and female VA working together! Anyways while Gintama is good for its comedy, I also cannot wait for its serious arcs because they as well are fantastic.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 4 Strawberry Milks (out of 5)

Hanasaku Iroha (Ep 1-4)

P.A Works, I am impressed

For P.A Works’ 10th anniversary they produced this little gem of an anime. I will not lie, Hanasaku Iroha has surpassed all expectations I had and more.

There is just something about this anime that stands above most of the rest of the season by far.  The animation is beautiful, the story has so far been really well presented and it has potential to get even better as it progresses, and most importantly the characters are all wonderful.

The story revolves around Ohana, abandoned by her mom and forced to work in this Inn that her iron-fisted grandma owns. A lot of drama ensues in this show, but it works! There is also comedy, and it also works! Ohana has quickly become a favourite of mine due to her never give up attitude and always trying her best to sparkle, also I have to say that Itou Kanae‘s performance as Ohana is probably one of her best to date…I am in love with her voice now!

With high hopes I look forward to seeing what this anime can bring, with 26 episodes in length and already looking strong, this could very well end up becoming THE anime of an already strong season.

Cumulative Episode Rating – 5 OHANA IS NOT A SLUT YOU FAGGOTS! CUT THAT OUT! (out of 5)

That’s half of them! I still got a lot more series to talk about…good god this season will end up killing me! Part 2 will be up eventually…

[5:13:45 PM] ™๑۩۞۩๑™: Gesoninmurobongu
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5 Responses to Quality Check – Spring Season 2011 (part 1)

  1. LuciaKonohana says:

    I also follow Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas although at a slower pace than you.

  2. SealedTime says:

    I liked Ohana, she needs to get rap… Never mind.

    Anyway, Dog Days…god, King Wakamoto and that horrendously fabulous list of seiyuus, my body was NOT READY. I daresay however, that my favourite moments of Dog Days is sadly, the scenes where there is Eclair fanservice. Rest is pretty meh

  3. tr says:

    キモイおっさんのゲロ音 by アニメ けいおん!

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