Tonari no Kashiwagi-san ch10 – BFFs

Finally a new chapter of Kashiwagi-san is out! But seriously WHY IS IT SO FUCKING SHORT!! ;A; Before I knew it the chapter was already over…this seriously sucks…


Anyways on ch9 we were left with an angry Kashiwagi since Yuuto told her how his “interest” in Sayane was not the same now that she has become more popular, but realizing how stupid his comments were (and also being unable to realize the obvious despite how clear things look) he decides to apologize to her…

seriously bro, you deserve it right now

So with his newfound resolution he tries to apologize to her, however there are thorns in every path…

Ah the hurdles of social hierarchy

It makes perfect sense, someone like Yuuto freely talking to a hottie like her? At least he knows his place right? Anyways his best chances to apologize are on Lunch Break and After School, however…

No biggie...there is plenty of time after school

Goddamnit Sayaka you are in the way!!


Poor Yuuto’s determination is being broken down by Kashiwagi’s best friend, who has already stated that she will protect her from anyone at all costs…the road to manhood for Yuuto will be tough.

What a cunning little bastard

Her overprotectiveness of Kashiwagi is both annoying AND hilarious to watch so I can’t dislike her…she kinda reminds me of Ayase on OreImo…she even has the yandere in her.

So in the end due to a text message from Yuuto, Sayaka finally lets them meet…finally some quality time for them alone

...or not

Anyways…Yuuto takes a page out of Kyousuke’s book and drops his dignity levels to 0 for the sake of forgiveness

holy shit headplant into the concrete for the sake of forgiveness

And so, in order to stop any more misunderstandings from happening to Yuuto and to stop Kashiwagi herself from getting confused as a “fan” of Sayane…the moment of truth arrives


And that’s all for this chapter….I PRAY TO ALL GODS OUT THERE THAT CH11 IS RELEASED SOON!!

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