SealedTime’s Fantabulously Horrendous Collection

As many of you guys know, I am an avid figurine collector. This hobby kinda started two years ago when I got my first Natsume Rin figure, the rest was history. However, I’m on a semi-retired state now due to the influence of signed cards and stuff that just kill me. So after 2 years, how has my collection grown? Read more to find out…

For Starters, Have a Kanade

Now, welcome to my room, where countless shelves of rubbish, cards and figures await.


Crapload of Setsu...Gundams.

This is my collection taken just 20 minutes ago, and there are still orders coming, so what is it that makes figurines so special? Well, some of them are just drop dead gorgeous and you want to buy them. But I really like the feeling of owning a character you like in 3D form. When you come home tired from school and RL, it kinda cheers you up. Well, for me that is. I put my two shelves right beside my bed, I sleep with Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. Literally.

After a logn two years, how much have I spent on my horrendous collection? Well, everything there is about 4000 Singapore Dollars, the Singapore dollar is not a weak currency. You have to have courage and determination to get that collection and get scolded by your parents every single day. Hehe xD

So after buying this, you might say that your parents/relatives disapprove of you collecting plastic. They feel it’s useless. Well, I’ve been there before, and what I can say is, debunk those stupid arguments. What you like and what you want to do is decided by yourself, not them. I usually just say that it’s what I enjoy and they should not criticise my hobby lest I go Hinamizawa Syndrome on them. Okay that was a little hyperbolic. You get my point.

On closer inspection, you would notice that I have zero guys. in my shelves. Of course, if I bought guys, I have serious issues. Staring at guy figures is distasteful to me. But this is my personal opinion. If you are a fujoshi/like ya0i/like guys, then go for it. It’s your choice~

In conclusion, if you have a hobby, just go for it. This post kinda became a reflective one, from my intended show-off post. Well, I should brog more often from now, seeing that Game has gotten his engines running again. Striker is still missing :/ This is ST, signing off~ ❤

P.S. All photos were taken with the iPhone 3GS’ failbus camera. Do not expect awesomeness.



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12 Responses to SealedTime’s Fantabulously Horrendous Collection

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  2. Nopy says:

    My collection has been growing steadily over the last 4 years as well. Right now I own 89 figures and have spent around $4000 too.

  3. Ton-kun says:


    Not in the least. Mahou sensei might be fun though. 🙂

  4. Wolfnagi says:

    First thing,
    I see you gotten yourself a glass cupboard.
    How much, anyway? (Have two nendo’s, 1 nendo petite and 2 Lucky Star special nendo figure)
    Mine is dusting away like crazy…….

  5. Rin says:

    Spray jizz on one of your figures.

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