Ore no Imouto 12 (TRUE END) – Load latest save file

OreImo is back! and in eye cancer quality! As it was announced before the end of the TV series there will be 4 “new” episodes of OreImo which will be considered the “True End” as opposed to the rather lame “Good End” the TV version got. Since these episodes are only being streamed, dont expect good quality from it until the BluRays get around to it…

The first episode of the true end is actually the same episode 12 as the good end but this time around we go through a different route map. First changes from the original? Well we start with the opening. (Click to enlarge and suffer from eye cancer).

The episode is literally identical for the first half of the episode so im not going to bother talking about it. If you recall, in the original episode Kyousuke bought Kirino’s eroge and then went home safe and sound. But this is a new route…

But the line was really not THAT large bro...

What can someone like Kyousuke do to please Kirino and deliver her porn? Thats right! He enters Brosuke mode and does what Brosuke does best! Further tarnish whatever speck of dignity the man has left!

This guy is not even beta anymore...OMEGA AS FUCK!

However he asked the right man, the owner of the bike simply does not give a fuck about whatever society thinks of him! He loves what he loves, and will NOT let anyone bring him down! Kyousuke could learn from him.

Playing eroge in public? A hero amongst us indeed!

The episode continues to flow as the original episode 12 until the point Kirino decides to show him her “true secret”. And that secret is…


I have to admit this was pretty funny, its never happened to  me but Im sure there are people out there that were not expecting to stumble upon scat in their glorious eroges.

Either way, if you recall the original episode, Kyousuke decides to look at the album Kirino had but this time around, we have to unlock all endings!

Need to unlock all CG

What happens after is the main reason why I cannot dislike Kirino despite knowing how much of a god-tier bitch she is. You can say what you want, but this girl seriously worked hard to become what she has become right now (not the bitch part). Going from a shitty runner to winning medals takes serious dedication. Not to mention being a model, writing a best selling novel, and excelling in school…she is a mary sue, but at least she is a self made mary sue (and a little bit of A LOT OF LUCK).

By not opening the album, Kyousuke does not find the ticket to America nor does he even find out, and there is no fight between sibblings either…therefore:

You would at least think her parents would go with her to the airport

It was funny seeing her parents denying her to go by not supporting her financially…which is an extremely effective offense again a 14 year old…

Parent Staus: () Not told. () Told. (x) My Parent's can't possibly be this told.

And so Kirino is gone, 50% of the oreimo fanbase is overjoyed, and to kick it up a notch…with the new school year starting…

Poor Manami, forever alone.jpg

With Kuroneko now promoted to main heroine status for at least the next 2 episodes, expect her popularity to soar fast (also Hanazawa Kana push). I wonder when the next episode will air, we are now going to start with material from vol5 of the novel and I have to say…having some OreImo back feels good considering its still better than 90% of the series airing this current season (except Koran Zombie Desk Car).

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3 Responses to Ore no Imouto 12 (TRUE END) – Load latest save file

  1. feal87 says:

    Need more of her, hope for a second season with Shironeko! è_é

  2. Macktakhasi says:

    Gud points:D i really like ur reviews. But i dont get why every one hate kirino so much. I think she is grt coz she is pretty, and most importantly she works hard being miss perfectionist, which cant be gained by many.

  3. Macktakhasi says:

    Although a love bond of that kind among siblings is nt very likely. But that is what this animes uniqness about. Coz it wont be unique if it goes nd ends like most common animes. Hope to see all its episode as anime. 😀

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