A New Post! (FINALLY?!)

Yeah, finally.

This is ST speaking, well. Writing. Sorry for the epic lack of updates. Game and striker have gone M.I.A. on me, and I’m too busy with school to keep up with updates any longer. The new batch of students for my school are coming in so I’m busying with the planning of the events and such. Plus, I have to juggle school work at the same time. It has not been a good week at all.

Enough of my rants, let’s get to my main agenda for today…

As some of you might know, I’m a big Milky Holmes fanboy. Yes, it’s no lie. I’m not a fanboy of the show but the seiyuu unit behind the anime. I stalk their damn twitters and blog herp derp. So, my fanboy-ism has taken me into another level. Buying the damn blu-rays.

Do forgive me for the horrible image quality, I’m using a horrible camera (My iPhone 3GS’s camera)

Miruki Homusu~

Miruki Homusu~


Let’s take a peek inside the box, shall we?

The Back~

The Bushiroad 2011 Cardgame Live Pamphlet

Let's take a peek

The Blu Ray~

Oh look, Promo cards!

The Disc


Note that I did not insert the pictures of the card binder in this post.

The only bad thing about this Blu Ray was that… IT HAD ONLY ONE EPISODE. It was pretty disappointing but they did put in a lot of goodies, such as concert footage and stuff.


Ah well, that’s all I have for you guys today. Stay tuned for my Japan trip post. This is ST, signing off.


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8 Responses to A New Post! (FINALLY?!)

  1. miko.monday says:


  2. atvrcr says:

    hey send me the bluray and I’ll take higher quality photos for you…I swear I’ll return it 😀

  3. miko.monday says:

    and you haven’t ripped this yet why?

  4. kei78 says:

    me want!!!

    Send it to FRANCE!

  5. SealedTime says:

    I see you guys like Milky Holmes as well ^^

  6. Wolfnagi says:

    Definitely not fair,
    You got a Weiss Schwarz cards free with the Blu-Ray >..<

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