Fortune Arterial 12 (END) – There is no sequel…right?

And so we reach the end of the road for Fortune Arterial. I am not going to lie, the show did get better after episode 8 once all the random and pointless slice of life episodes stopped and the actual plot of Erica trying her best not to crave Kouhei’s juices got going. However Erica is now gone back to the mansion to stop herself from sucking him dry, and being the MC of a VN adaptation…Kouhei obviously doesnt know shit about why.

Dude, it couldnt be any more obvious...seriously

There really isnt much that happened for most of the first half of the episode, it was mostly Kouhei trying to finish preparations for the cultural festival and people wondering where Erica had gone only for him to BS an excuse every time…pretty annoying I might add. I am glad he received some lessons on manliness from his friend.

Hear that Kouhei? Now man the FUCK up!

And so he did! He goes and confronts Erica’s mother, Kaya. This entire scene was actually pretty darn good, I was almost certain he was going to become Erica’s servant at that point but it seems the series can still surprise me a couple times.

Kaya's thoughts: Nigga u srs?

Well if you want to piss off a pure blood vampire then Kouhei did an amazing job. In fact he was about to get killed and the best part of all, it seems like throughout this entire anime Iori was in keikaku dori mode.

He is the puppet master, fucking boss!

But well it really did seem like shit was gonna get real when Erica arrived to stop her mom from killing Kouhei, but then he just ends the confrontation with words…I guess its admirable to do that against a true vampire but I was kinda hoping for something more exciting. Oh well…

And then before I knew it the ending was already playing…wait what? We didnt even get any sort of conclusion! All Kouhei did was allow Erica to return to school, she still wants to suck him dry from his fluids, she still craves for him like a crack addict from brooklyn, none of that got resolved! In fact, what about poor Kiriha? Kaya isnt the best master out there…did she get a happy ending?

Sorry, try again next time

Man I dont even know what to think of this ending…everything was building up pretty damn well but then everything came crashing down without reaching any sort of solution for Erica’s problems…will Kouhei end up becoming a servant in the future? I guess we will never know.

Episode 12 Rating – 3.5 resolved conflicts (out of 5)

Final Thoughts: The main reason I decided to follow this series back when I saw it on the fall 2010 list was because I remember seeing a list of Visual Novels earlier that year and seeing the title of Fortune Arterial ranked as one of the best Visual Novels from 2008 (ranked higher than Little Busters – Ecstacy!). I mean ranking over a Key title should be impressive right? I know most VN adaptations into anime tend to suck unless your name is Kyoto Animation but I tried to look into this series with a positive outlook. However it seems that in the end, no matter how much I kept watching this waiting for it to show me WHY it had been such a success in the end nothing really came. I am pretty sure the anime was a pretty faithful adaptation itself, so if its not the adaptations fault…maybe the actual content of the series is not for me? I mean it wasnt all terrible, the start was ridiculously slow, but the last couple of episodes were genuinely good and I was starting to enjoy this until the ending felt everything unresolved. I am too lazy to play the original VN so if there is something worth mentioning about this series, please let me know…maybe im missing out on something awesome.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 7/10
Animation: 8.5/10
Voice Acting: 7/10
OST: 7.5/10
Characters: 7/10

Overall – 7/10

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7 Responses to Fortune Arterial 12 (END) – There is no sequel…right?

  1. marinasauce says:

    Lol, you have a pretty similar reaction this show that I did…only exactly opposite. I actually liked the whole slice-of-life feel, and was irritated at the sudden drama at the end that I thought was rushed and lacked any real explanation or conclusion. So…agreed on the ‘7’ rating >.<
    Btw, marinara from ISML

  2. BlakWngz89 says:

    Same here I knew from da beginning that this was sour lemons but kept on just in case in da end i feel there was no closure its like running into a wall, it just keep ramming that wall but never got threw just fell in front of it like so many others.

  3. feal87 says:

    Yeah, in the anime the drama was rushed. But try to give a look at the VN, it is quite more fleshed (the medium is easy to flesh out) and give more depth to the situation/flashback/characters. (only the prologue was 2 hours that i remember :|)

  4. greenboy27 says:

    “Damnit!” is my opinion for this anime.. i just hate it when everything is unresolved but suddenly “and they live happily ever after”

  5. jeonchill says:

    I liked the first few episodes.. oh well, i was really hoping when i was watching the last episode.. nah.. i was so disappointed!!! i hope there’s a sequel and get things resolved!

  6. boxturtle says:

    I am really hoping for a season 2 so they can clear everything up. I mean we don’t kno wat happens wen Erika graduates does she stay with him or does she go back to the manner. Do we get a little more detail in kuze backstory. Does that other guy that’s always at the tea party keith kohea even have a role. I mean I got a few ideas how to end it but this ain’t it.

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