The World God Only Knows 12 (END) – The ending, I can see it!

It should come to no surprise that the world god only knows was the series I was enjoying the most this season, so now that we arrived at the final episode I write this blog a little sad, knowing that I will have to wait till next April to see more of it. But well, good things come to an end. I am ready to go, and the God on Conquest is as well.

Sit the fuck down, Sado Tarou. The true legendary hero is here

This episode is not a conquest, Shiori took the credit of being the last capture this season. What this episode focuses on however, is Keima and his life as the God of Conquest. We also get a healthy done of Elsie being expert waifu material.


Im not going to spoil thing here, but I chuckled at the above scene. Anyways Elsie being the best goddamn imouto she is worries for Keima since he doesnt seem to eat or even leave his room anymore to play games (much like many of us im sure). So she takes a risk, and ventures into the life of God.

HOLY SHIT is that a Cream Cast? Must be build for eroges only...

Impressive might not cut it when describing Keima’s gaming setup…playing 6 gal games at once is pretty high tier. While I wonder why he pounds on so many controllers so fast when most gal games do not really require any sort of interaction other than hitting 1 button and then picking a choice every 15 minutes, Keima’s true form is finally revealed…and it was glorious!

U MAD? da Vinci?

Elsie comes from hell, yet she seemed like she was watching a true monster playing all these games…I dont blame her, Keima’s powerlevel makes Kirino look like Ayase. I am sorry I ever doubted you GOD.

U MAD? Nagato?

I probably shat 5 bricks when Keima used his synchronicity technique…it was visually impressive to say the least.
But playing games for so long really tires you out, so im glad to see Keima follows a strict routine of relaxation in between his games.

Walk in, see this, what do?

I have to admit that scene was pretty damn funny, Keima is the real deal when it comes to enjoying his games.

But there's only 24 hours in a day...also sup Yukie

Even if he is the God of Conquest however, Keima still has his human side. It is only natural that he would collapse when attempting not 6, but 12 games at once. Seeing Elsie worry for him so much was actually pretty touching but it seems for Keima, even an emotional scene is not enough to change his viewpoints. This man is legit.

Spoken like a true addict

Seeing him do 12 games at once was again pretty damn impressive as well.


He must have reached a state of nirvana by the end, or maybe at this point in time he was actually dead and his spirit was leaving his body, but I bet none of you will ever experience something like this.

Your 2D waifu will never reach out to you across the screen. Sadfrog.png

And with that, the final episode of TWGOK came to an end…so did Keima die or not? Oh well who cares! Cause we get a new season! And seeing the official announcement on the actual episode really put a smile on my face, specially because of this…


I can’t freaking wait for her anime appearance now! Before the announcement I always had in mind that someone like Itou Shizuka would be the perfect voice for Haqua, but instead Hayami Saori was casted for the role. But I am fine with this pick, she has recently done a lot of great roles like Yuuno on MM! and Ayase on OreImo so im sure she will be able to pull it off just fine.


Episode 12 Rating – 4 months of gaming (out of 5)

Final Thoughts: The way this series was structured, it feels like I cant just give it a simple final thoughts, so I created that on its own post which you can read it here.

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2 Responses to The World God Only Knows 12 (END) – The ending, I can see it!

  1. SealedTime says:


    Also lol’d at Yukie. Epic troll is epic

  2. Binh says:

    I have to say throughout the whole series the made all the girl look to…how should I say it. Glossy and older.
    It didn’t fit the same style as in the manga thus making elsee look more manly but the Hakua preview looks really sexy 😉
    I have to wish that they won’t fail the design for her =(

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