Motto To Love Ru 12 (END) – More trouble, and make it double

What is this going on? A plot on my TLR? NO WAY! However, we begin the final episode exactly where ep11’s cliffhanger left off, and I have to say I was actually pretty good.


So we have Haruna who finally confesses her feelings! But not to Rito, but Lala instead. Obviously Lala being the destined girl to marry Rito, such a statement that can threaten her relationship cannot be toler-


Ok so I wasnt really expecting that, then again this being Lala I should have seen it coming…What a great waifu, sharing is caring I say!
So the rest of the episode was a pool episode, with pretty much every character getting some form of spotlight at some point, which is good for this series since every girl is pretty cool in their own way. But now please forgive me as I Yuispam my post once again.


My body was not ready for this! Poor Yui deserves better!! So after my rage cooled down and I continued watching the episode, I have to admit that with the new To LOVE-Ru Darkness manga out and me having read it so far…seeing a lot of Momo’s actions here really do suggest that this pool trip (and some previous events) really helped her come with the decision to carry out her plan in the new series. Momo, you magnificent bastard!
Of course, this being “trouble” and also the last episode…a big slimy tentacle monster has to show up! The fact that its slimy means Yami cant really be as useful, and it just so happens to capture Lala and Haruna. As the rule of anime harems states, the MC needs to man the fuck up at this point, and also make his final choice for what route to follow. But we are talking about Rito here, with a harem as glorious as his even if he himself is a pussy he needs to do the right thing!

Rito being manly? Surely you jest

Also Yami fanservice.

Yami's chivalry is so moe

While the fact that the male lead needs to be ultimately saved by his own harem making him look even more pathetic, in Rito’s case when half his harem includes super strong alien creatures I can let it slide a bit. But after this incided, Rito finally decides to man the fuck up and let it all out!


And when I thought things were finally looking up!


What the fuck!? Telling the girl you confessed to that completely ruins the point of the confession scene…Lala, being the destined wife, will NOT stand for this bullsh-

Oh dear GOD! Lala confirmed for best waifu!

I am moved by Lala’s kindness, I have to repeat this again but Rito is a lucky son of a bitch.

>implying thats a bad thing bro

So with Lala’s support now on his side, Rito FINALLY uses this change to confess to Haruna! Haruna, you’ve waited for this too, you better stay PUT! But this series seems set to go into the harem route anyways so LETS PUT A TWEEST!

Things went better than expected.jpg

Would I count this as a failed confession? No, not really…the fact that Momo witnessed this event pretty much drives her into doing what she does for TLR -Darkness, but it seems like Momo’s future plans wouldnt really be denied by Lala.

Waifu of the year, all years

And with this, the 2nd season of TLR not only comes to and end, but also finishes adapting the original manga along with it.

It was fun, it really was

Episode 12 Rating – 4.5 incoming polygamy (out of 5)

Final Thoughts: The mere fact I started watching this series was already a big surprise. I had known of TLR for a long time before this, however I dont really like (and still dont) series where the main focus seems to be bringing ridiculous fanservice, panty shots, boobs, and sexually confusing situations. I do tend to make exceptions sometimes, and for TLR’s case this is one of them. What REALLY drove me into watching this was the characters. What stated only as a thought of “holy shit Yabuki’s characters look so good” grew more into me actually liking the characters themselves as I watched the series. Sure, there was plenty of boob grabbing, panty shots, nipple shots, and the whole thing on this anime but to me that never became the main reason as to why I liked it. While Rito himself is pretty much your standard male harem lead, I was surprised to see his actual harem was pretty damn high-tier. Putting aside how ridiculously good they all look, seeing episodes focused on characters like Lala, Momo, Nana, Yui, Mikan, Yami, and so on I was surprised by how genuinely awesome they all were as characters…before I knew it TLR had become one of my favourite shows this season, and would never fail to give me a strong hnnnnnnnnnng attack, and for that I salute you. With the manga now covered, I wonder if XEBEC will be going into Darkness territory, I wouldnt mind seeing it animated but I think its safe to say we’re done seeing TLR in animated form for a while now.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 7.5/10
Animation: 9/10
Voice Acting: 9/10
OST: 8/10
Characters: 9/10

Overall – 8.4/10

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2 Responses to Motto To Love Ru 12 (END) – More trouble, and make it double

  1. Lolispotting says:

    Good wrap-up! Completely agree about the series. My expectations for the continued adaption were very low so it was a pleasant surprise that they got as much quality out of it as they did. And yes, I think it’s a law of the universe that Yabuki cannot draw anything but extremely cute/sexy female characters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    no way the is the best series ive ever seen. omg i need more, t
    he 40 episodes total is not cutting it for me!

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