Shinryaku! Ika Musume 12 (END) – It squidding ended!~dawa

Its sad to see her go, but the invasion has been stopped for now. The final episode of Ika Musume continues its consistent run of highly entertaining comedy, and the cause of it this week, beach volleyball and the power of 3D TV.

Pound it! Undefeated of the Sea!

Many teams participate in the tournament, but for Eiko and Ika…this shit aint a joke, not time to hold back. And the 1st victims are Takeru and his friend.

Neither Eiko nor Ika are adults though...u mad?

After destroying the kids, they moved on to the team “Ika Musume stalkers” which very carefully consisted of Sanae and Cindy Campbell. I will say this now, Sanae has quickly risen as one of my favourites on this series. Her masochistic obsession with Ika is just so incredibly hilarious to watch she prob rivals Sado Tarou, and the fact that Itou Kanae plays her so well only adds to the enjoyment. This time around, Ika’s spike balls totally destroyed her…but she freaking loved it, and so did I…in fact im laughing just remembering the scene as I type this.

This is the face, the face of bliss

Winning the competition was easy until the finals, when they faced the lifeguards team with Gorou as the opponent. Gorou uses this time to teach us all the true spirit of competition, fucking gender equality all over anime these days! First Index, and now Ika Musume.

FUCK YEAH! If I wanna box fight a little girl, I should have the right!

Despite having Ika’s tentacle power on their side, the pure raw muscle of the lifeguards match them equally, but its not until Eiko gets taken down and Chizuru takes her place that the match evens…actually scratch that, I am now absolutely convinced Chizuru is Asakura Ryoko.

HOLY SHIT this was so ridiculously awesome and funny

Chizuru’s meteo impact wins them the match, and the TV. Its too bad that 3D TV is a shitty gimmick anyways…sorry Ika, no shrimp for you.

The rest of the episode takes a surprisingly more serious turn, with Ika losing her squid abilities. You would think all the tentacle action she produces (both official and fanmade) would stop her from losing their strength…

Did Ika's parents even let her invade the surface to begin with?

Despite it being done as a comedy, the fact that no one took her seriously when she said she would leave was actually really depressing, god I wanted to slap everyone’s shit.

You heartless bastards, you dont deserve it!

And then she really did leave for a while freaking year! I was quite surprised how much time passed, I guess it would be pointless to have the series while the store was closed. But then next summer…

FFFFF This is Togame all over again!!

Freaking Ika’s powers never came back? How? She was in the ocean for like 9 months! What did she do at home all this time? Well w/e she might not have the tentacles, but at least she is still the same adorable squid girl dege-


So now she uses “dawa” instead of “degeso”…what is this I dont even! What does dawa even mean anyways? What was she trying to play here? I agree with Takeru’s rant, this just isnt Ika Musume anymore! I cant end this anime without some squidding vintage Ika.


No, im not kidding…this really is “Octopus Girl” from the manga, im glad the anime put her in this at least once, and the fact that they never did reveal who she was was a smooth move so she can get a true introduction later on. But she was here to save the motherfucking day, and at the very least brought “degeso” back.

It was MIT’s technology that brought Ika back to full power, all it took was an explosion and almost killing Eiko in a giant whirlpool…no biggie. At the very least, she now knows how to avoid this disaster again.

This trump card is as flawless as "I am John Smith"

And with this, Ika Musume is back, everything returns to normal, and summer continues its course. However, with an imminent invasion from the sea still threatening the human race, I fail to see how this is a happy ending for us. The messenger of the end is back on track, we are screwed.

Episode 12 Rating – 4 Invasions pending (out of 5).

Final Thoughts: When I first saw the poster art for this anime, I quickly dismissed it as “kiddy shit” and completely ignored it, how grave a mistake that was. Ika Musume may not realize it yet, but her invasion is proceeding waaaaay better than expected. In a very short time, Ika Musume’s popularity quickly grew and in Japan, I am probably not wrong when I say this anime became the most popular of the season. But who could blame her? This show has some of the more consistently funny moments for a comedy anime this year in my opinion, and Ika Musume is incredibly adorable…its almost impossible to hate her antics. “De geso” herself has literally become the new “desu”, and in terms of production quality, studio has remained consistent for 12 episodes. As far as enjoyment goes, when u start to watch an episode of Ika Musume you are guaranteed to have a fun time, and this is something I cant say about a lot of anime series.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 7/10
Animation: 8.5/10
Voice Acting: 8.5/10
OST: 8/10
Characters: 8.5/10

Overall – 8.2/10

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6 Responses to Shinryaku! Ika Musume 12 (END) – It squidding ended!~dawa

  1. Aabo0 says:

    I’ll miss her. ;_;
    I thought Tako Musume was Ayumi, that explains a lot.
    On a side note, I friend picked up Ika Musume after she saw me watching it at uni.
    Her reason?
    “Those lifeguards are hot.”
    /me double-facepalm + head-desk

  2. miko.monday says:

    Won’t there be a second season.

  3. Matteas says:

    It was a great concluding episode da wa XD That volleyball scene was just beyond epic.
    I’ll miss Ika Musume. Her antics were very fun to watch and other characters didn’t fall behind her. In particular the MIT graduates were hilarious.
    Here’s hoping there’ll be a second season.

  4. SealedTime says:

    Needs more Ika-nee-chan de geso.

  5. mangamuscle says:

    It is official that therw ill be a second season this year!

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