Ore no Imouto 12 (GOOD END) – My Finale Can’t Be This Weird

And then comes the finale of OreImo, after episode 11s full deregasm from Kirino and Kuroneko’s nutbladder destroying “nii-san”…I was wondering whether I had fully healed for this episode. The answer to that question was no, not at all. However it seems that ever since that time, Kirino’s bitchdere mode has been completely eradicated.

For a moment...I almost tought these were trollsubs

Did someone rebuild the world recently? Kirino is actually being nice to Kyousuke here…but then when I think this might be bizarro world, this makes me realize things havent really changed.

There is no way my Tsundad could be this creepy!

All this weird behaviour even has Kyousuke questioning Kirino’s identity, who could blame him…I for once would be going paranoid thinking this is all a trap that will end up destroying me psychologically, thats how real sisters work.
That night, Kirino’s final life counseling finally begins, her request?

Your perverted little sister will never ask you to buy her eroge. Sadfrog.jpg

I have sympathy for Kyousuke this once, such a request goes beyond the boundaries of what awkward must feel like. However regardless of how weird this request of Kirino is…I have a hard time believing anyone has enough manpower to deny this face.

Forget what I said on my MM! post...THIS is true Taketatsugasm...

Having destroyed my nutbladder to oblivion with that scene. We move on to Kyousuke who must now line-up for the game’s midnight release. I dont know how many people have ever been to one, but it can be pretty fun. Unless of course its winter, and its freezing cold outside (me during Black Ops release day).
The scene following is probably one of the funniest moments I’ve seen on this series, it seems like this whole time Kyousuke was not the only older brother whose world was being invaded by otaku culture, because on the line-up for the game he met his friend Takagi. However unity amongst men always stands tall!

OreImo is now an anime about NAKAMAS

However it seems even unity amongst men falters when u start getting homo, because at the sight of the type of game his friend was lining up for…Kyousuke withdraws completely. Of course it seems Takagi’s reasons are as outrageous as Kyousuke’s for lining up, but seriously who would ever buy such a story?

totally unfair to those without sisters?

It seems his friend has it even worse, because Kirino is just an imouto lolicon moefag while Takagi’s sister is just a full out fujoshi, one of the most dangerous creatures in japan (and outside of it too). Holy crap I hope they make an anime about his adventures…”There’s no way my little sister could be a fujoshi!” I’d watch the shit out of that! (MC voiced by Tamura Yukari).
Im getting off track…back at Kirino, Kuroneko calls her to ask for her nekomimi measures, because you know…Taketatsu Ayana roles have a high affinity to cats. This opportunity is used well by Kirino, telling her to stop calling Kyousuke “nii-san”. See? Kirino cares for the viewers, im sure no one would be able to last a full episode of that.

Dat foreshadowing!

That line by Kuroneko could be interpreted in many, many ways (by those that havent read the novels anyways). Moving on…Kyousuke gets home, and then Kirino’s requests continue.

It has!? Wait...when the hell did you play together!?

Ok so I lied…being asked to buy eroge for your little sister no where near as bad as having to actually play it with her! I may not be the biggest Kyousuke fan, but god I do not wish to be him. After clearing the 1st route, Kyou gets ready to leave, only to be stopped once again…this time the TRUE meaning of the life counseling comes to surface.

This is the turning point of the series, up until now…AIC followed the novels greatly, and I applaud their efforts. From now on, we enter the anime original content. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE, AND START A NEW SAVE FILE.

The GOOD END Starts Here

Kirino decides to show Kyousuke a special album hidden in her closet, however the closer Kyousuke gets to seeing it, Kirino has a change of heart and changes her mind. Of course that no longer works and after a tussle, 2 things fall out of the book.

5RE47IM5UT8G2 = ORENOIMOUTOGA encryption ftw?

The picture of loli Kirino holds absolutely no importance to non-novel readers, and in the case of this GOOD END. What matters here is the flight ticket, set for that very morning. And then shit gets serious.

Tsun to ENG translation: Please tell me not to go

Its usually at this point when the tsundere puts her defenses up, and the MC tends to break them down, but in this case Kirino puts so much defenses around her its kinda hard not to think she is actually serious. Of course, being led on by Kirino, Kyousuke agrees that its not of his business and encourages her to go. The result? Bitchdere mode FULL POWER.

Kyousuke needs to learn how to read tsun....seriously

While Kirino and Kyousuke were getting physical, all the movement knocks down the laptop where the eroge was paused, and in what was probably one of the most amazing bullet-time mouse clicks in anime, the sibling’s quarrels are stopped by the beautiful sound of eroge.

They are so lucky they were playing this game...and not syscalipse when this happened

Holy crap im not gonna lie…the whole eroge scene completely mirroring what was currently going in that room actually played out pretty good and the scene was really well done at that moment…also if im not mistaken the voice of the girl in the game was Hanazawa Kana…But even after all this, Kyousuke still tells her to go, the result? a bucket full of bloddy tissues. I think this counts as domestic abuse.

But then next morning….


Man how lame must Kyousuke be, that the tsundere issue this time around was resolved…by the tsundere herself…But that is not the only tsundere problem going on at the house. Kirino’s dad seemed pretty tsun about the issue too. It is later revealed why Kirino decided not to go.

Stay classy Kirino, stay classy

And so, with crisis averted and a forever tsundere Kirino now…Kyousuke’s life continues as always (only now he was -500% less dignity).

Oh yeah and while the credits roll, we got some Kuroneko.

But can Hanazawa nyaa better than Taketatsu?

And then after the credits, we are threated to a scene similar to ep 1, however…

The life counseling will never be over

To be honest this did not feel like a final episode at all, it must be because the real ending will only come in June next year. Either way, ORE NO IMOUTO, TRUE END ROUTE UNLOCKED.

Episode 12 Rating – 4 bloody cotton balls (out of 5).

Final Thoughts: Ore no Imouto was my most anticipated series when the season began, and it even became this season’s theme for my blog…but did it live up to my expectations? In simple words, I can say that it did. This series was one of only two shows this season that I could not afford to miss despite my heavy school load near the end, and I would always find the time to watch it every week. The comedy was great, the characters where lovable, and even some of the drama moments were pretty nice. This show also features one of the catchier OP themes I’ve heard in a long time, so much its quickly becoming one of my all time favs. In terms of production values, AIC really delivered great here. The animation quality of the show always remained consistent and there wasnt a time when the show looked bad…the really appealing character designs also greatly helped on my enjoyment of the show.
Kirino has made herself infamous for her attitude, her bitchdere levels are probably one of the highest seem in recent anime so far and she gained as much lovers and she did haters. Now I am not going to lie, if I knew someone with Kirino’s personality…I would prob hate that person to the ends of the earth (specially if it was my sister). However for some reason no matter how much Kirino’s actions rightfully justified the hate she earned from people, I couldnt do it myself…it might be because I know why she acted in such way (novel spoilers), and that same reason might be why I just couldnt really feel bad for Kyousuke most of the time either since I can say it right now…I dont like him a lot. But these are my personal rambles about the characters…after we get the TRUE END episodes out of the way, I wouldnt mind seeing another season in the future, the series is worth it.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 8/10
Animation: 9/10
Voice Acting: 8.5/10
OST: 8/10
Characters: 8.5/10

Overall – 8.6/10

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3 Responses to Ore no Imouto 12 (GOOD END) – My Finale Can’t Be This Weird

  1. miko.monday says:

    when Kyousuke yelled out “OK!!” right at the end, this show just turned into MM!.

  2. Aabo0 says:

    I never read the manga, so the only way I can see the TRUE END going is Kyouske begging Kirino not to leave at the airport and make out with her. WINcest.

  3. baka~ says:

    Forget what I said on my MM! post…THIS is true Taketatsugasm…

    Thank God I wandered on this post! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to add Taketatsugasm in my vocabulary XD

    To be honest this did not feel like a final episode at all, it must be because the real ending will only come in June next year.

    along with this news, I’m really skeptical with how this would turn out. I think having the extra episodes air once a month could kill off any of the momentum especially since i’m expecting that episodes 12b-15 would cover vol. 5 of the novels… X_X

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