MM! Episode 12 (END) – Christmas + B-day = only 1 present

Im back from hibernation, with school done and everything I just do not feel like doing all those weeks of blogging I missed since im in a lazy mood. However I just finished watching this series like an hour ago, and now I will give it my final impressions.

The final eyecatch, pretty nice

The final episode of MM! thankfully put its focus back on Mio, this time around she decides to help anyone that left the second volunteer club any requests, for free even!

More importantly, when did Yumi and Noa become members?

They decide to help 2 cake shops asking for workers, the unexpected twist in this scenario was the fact that both shops were stuck in the classic “across the street” scenario and were competing for customers which resulted in the group splitting and going against each other. A lot of crazy tactics ensued to get the upper hand. One of them for example, and infiltration mission:

This is the 2nd time she has done this...and both times my body was not ready

This entire scene of them pretending to be a couple to spy on the competition was just a tease, forcing them to take part in a rather bold promotion the shop was holding…Ah the classic pocky game, I dont think Ive ever seen it go all the way (except in Ga-Rei Zero that is)

>mfw Yuuno was so jelly near me

Seeing Yuuno getting jealous of Mio or anyone else that interacts with Tarou has become routine by now, and god do I love seeing it. Seeing how their “glasses only” disguise fell apart by her hands. Mio’s next plan involved trying to change the menu.

Ika Musume would NOT accept such crappy pasta ~de geso

When shitty food doesnt work, you sell it cheap! Now they are thinking like business people! With their tactic of selling everything at 2 yen, Mio’s team seemed to get the upper hand. But they Yuuno’s team countered with one of Japan’s deadliest weapons….moe.

Its no LOVE KANON, but its good enough! o/

The only way to counter something like this, being in Japan…is to use an even more outrageous weapon, and Mio hopefully had that weapon in stock.


She is no Kotori-chan, but Tarou’s crossdress mode and voice were taking me back to the days of Working!! And so the battle continued in this fashion, the winner you ask? Never mentioned…since the episode moved on to its next plot point.

After helping this little kid throw a surprise party for his little friend, we are suddenly thrown with the realization that it was also Mio’s birthday today…and like a standard nice MC, he decides to make her a party, of course…she cant be around for preparations so Tatsukichi comes out with the perfect distraction.

The sacrifices are always necessary

So after running for his life and even sneaking in a fake-out confession scene (which resulted in full glorious tsundere Mio)…she finally catches up to him…but then…

Such long did Mio chase Tarou for?

Of course, never having celebrated her birthday before (did they ever explain why she had such a lonely childhood?) her reaction to this surprise was pretty touching.

crowning moment of d'awwww

This is the goddamn climax of the series, insert songs are playing, ending credits are rolling, and tears are shedding, it doesnt get better for an MM! finale than this. And after such heavy Yuuno focus, having the series end like this with Mio felt right. In the end its all worth it for moments like this:

It was nice when Kirino did it, but this...oh dear god...Taketatsugasm!

And so, with a thank you and a heel kick, MM! comes to a close.

Episode 12 Rating – 4 holiday masochists (out of 5)

Final throughts: Considering that Mio was shown as the more prevalent lead of the 2 heroines in the beginning, I was actually quite surprised in the fact that it was Yuuno that got the most relationship development with Tarou. For the most part, the series consisted on Tarou going out of his way for the sake of Yuuno, and Yuuno slowly starting to fall for him. While Mio was not really missing through the series, it seems like most of her scenes with Tarou only revolved around her abusing him and cosplaying (not that im complaining). It is this focus, plus the fact that Yuuno started to become a more daring character when Taoru was concerned, that seriously changed my initial impressions on this show and before I knew it, I was now shipping Yuuno x Tarou. I have to congratulate the series on this aspect, I am a big tsunderefag, and if you are not kuudere (my 2nd weakness), it takes a LOT for me to NOT like the tsundere character the most. But in this case, Yuuno was able to win me over Mio (which also has extra bonus point for being blonde).
As for the series itself, when I started watching this, I was not expecting much from it…in fact I was bracing myself for yet another ecchi filled comedy by XEBEC. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this show proved to posses some genuinely funny moments, likeable characters, and very tasteful fanservice in Mio’s various cosplays (none of that panty shot filled crap). I can finish this anime and easily recommend this to others to watch as well, as far as this season goes it was one of the more enjoyable of the bunch. I would love to see a second season of this.

The Final Verdict:
Story: 7.5/10
Animation: 8/10
Voice Acting: 8.5/10
OST: 7.5/10
Characters: 8/10

Overall – 7.8/10

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