Hayate no Gotoku! ch299 – Its all coming back!

Well shit…I dont know whether to be happy or not about the direction this arc is going right now but I thing is certain and that is the fact that I am once again genuinely interested in what will happen next. So as we left off Hayate was still dealing with Yozora and her robots…but why does she want that picture of the 28th? (if I recall correctly…we were NEVER told were that thing even came from, seriously)

If I see that King's Jewel 1 more goddamn time...

WELL DAMMIT! Looks like this whole deal with the King’s Jewel is not over yet! I dont know yet if I like this or not, but as long as it ends awesome like last time this stone was involved I am willing to read anything. Of course Hata still puts in the comedy where needed, with the robot that was fighting Hayate suddenly dragged to perform on stage, which needed to be removed by all means.

Nagi's face, priceless

I understand, I mean its not everyday you see a maid randomly fly across the stage to deliver a kick to a robot…but like a true idol Luka handles the situation well and drawing attention back to her (Kanon could learn from her).

back summer-sault even while injured? holy shit Luka is hardcore!

The more I see Luka the more I like her. She is truly on par with Hayate when it comes to perseverance to the end…and then the concert finally ends.

what a freaking boss...Luka is awesome

Of course…we cant forget she is injured, and collapses right after. It was also kinda weird realizing that all this time, she never did find out that Hayate was a guy. I hope this doesnt get used to add the harem, I like Luka but I couldnt handle having another girl involved in this. As for Hayate…hehehe it seems the King’s Jewel talk has his mind drifting into more “familiar” territory now


What are you doing Hata? I thought Hayate was supposed to move on! Dont just go around throwing pages like these! I know im misunderstanding the meaning of this page but its just so misleading! YES I MAD!! I want more Hayate x A-tan moments now ;-;

Chapter 300 also has the popularity contest results, which im sure by now most of you have seen….i’ll be writing about it after I watched all this pile of anime…till then, wait for it.

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