Fall Season 2010 – Week 8 Impressions

This one is coming in 1 week late, but im trying my best to catch up on this blog as fast as I can, I havent played WoW or Black Ops in DAYS now \o/. This is the post for 8th week of the fall season, shows are starting to show their true colours now and things are actually starting to get interesting…lets see what we got this time around.

MM! – Episode 8

Love conquers all genders!

LMAO WTF DID I JUST WATCH? So this time around we have hypnotism as a tool to cure Tarou, but it seems like locking his M side away only brings out even more bizarre fetishes. It was just great seeing Tarou devolve into various types of peverts like lolicons and I dont know what the fuck this is…But the icing on the cake was him suddenly turning gay for Tatsukichi, I mean it was really creepy but oh so well played. Specially when he counters Tatsukichi’s trap mode  with his very own. To have your trap abilities by a master is a great honor indeed.

What made the episode extra nice was the ending with Yuuno pretty much in the verge of tears asking Tarou to stop being such a fag…man I had hoped Tarou wasnt the typical dense type but it cant be helped. Yuuno has totally fallen for this bastard but she is adorable for it.

Episode 8 Rating – 4.5 double traps (out of 5)

Bakuman – Episode 8


Time sure flies in the Bakuman world doesnt it? How many weeks have passed in the span of this 1 episode alone I wonder? Oh well it doesnt really matter much anyways. What matters is that for the second time Shujin and Saiko fail to get some kind of recognition for their work. But in this case everyone could totally see it coming I mean, general rule of thumb for anime/manga says that if you get praised and get confident over something, changes are that you will end up failing in the end. What was interesting is seeing how Saiko believes its his drawings that is dragging the group down, I just hope he doesn’t start to emo out because I really hate it when that happens.

What did annoy me was the ending with that fatass talking thrash about Saiko’s drawings being shit and saying how he was better, specially cause when asked if he ever did a 30 page manga he simply answers with “lol no but I bet i could”. So you could guess my joy in seeing Shujin punch the shit out of that idiot. What will happen now though? Suspension?

Episode 8 Rating – 4 failed submissions (out of 5)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 8

see example: GONZO

Man the contents of this episode are truly a sensible one. This whole AO vs adaptation debate the episode caused was interesting though so I’ll just say that AO material can be good as long as:

  1. It does not derail the original direction of the series
  2. It adds extra detail to what the original source brings
  3. It is necessary to bring closure to a series due to lack of original material or difficulty in stopping the story where it is currently situated (But it must still follow point #1 in doing so).

Anything other than that…I tend to dislike things when it comes to AO stuff, filler arcs are NOT part of my second point since thats not adding detail but wasting time.

But im getting off topic here, this episode was about Kirino getting her novel adapted into an anime, and the producers trying to change it for easier TV material. Lets just say that its true, Kirino seems to have incredible luck in things always going her way, and she does need to taste defeat every now and then to send her back to reality. However, I really find it hard to dislike Kirino despite all this. I understand why Kyousuke is liked for being an “epic bro” but I honestly am starting to dislike him because of his total shielding of Kirino, its true that she asked for his help in the past but there is a line between life counseling and ridiculing himself for her yet never telling her about it. Sure he helped his sister get what she wanted (yet again) but this will only further warp Kirino’s already unrealistic views on how everything in life seems to go her way. And the worst part is that KIRINO is the one who will end up getting all the hate because of it, while the root of the problem this time around (Kyousuke) gets praised for his “heroic” sacrifice. Oh well haters gonna hate.

Oh yeah Kuroneko was awesome this episode in totally ripping those producers a new one though, good showing.

Episode 8 Rating – 4 anime seasons (out of 5)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Episode 8~de geso

Wake up, see this, what do?

I can relate to Ika, I’ve had Gesoninmurobongu disease before, and its not fun. But seeing the return of the giant shrimp outfit was great lol moments, specially cause Sanae was prob getting off to Ika biting her…

The bit about Ika’s fins…well she mentions how she could use them to fly which was quickly shot down as ridiculous. Well about that…I think people should read this and educate themselves.

And then there is the umbrella, its was hilarious seeing all the different ways she had fun with it, and I admit to have done a bunch of them myself (except the can trick, shit was SO cash).

Episode 8 Rating – 3.5 Gesoninmurobongu diseases (out of 5)

The World God Only Knows – Episode 8


This was a very interestingly structured episode. However all I can say about it is…


Episode 8 Rating – 3.5 hungry lunches (out of 5)

Motto To Love Ru – Episode 8

Vulnerable Yami? DO WANT

This week’s episode of To Love Ru just wasnt as fun as the previous ones. It was still entertaining but it focused a bit too much on Haruna. Now I dont dislike Haruna, in fact I kinda like her, but in a series with such a large cast and structured in 3 episode segments you should be able to have more variety. The first part did also have some good moments with Nana so it wasnt all so bad. The second part was mostly Haruna and her dog (is this Wakamoto Norio? I couldn’t confirm) but with Rito as a dog too thanks to Lala’s machines…oh and Lala’s meow in the end was god-tier.

It was the third segment which was the most fun to watch with Mikan and Yami switching bodies this time. The contrast of seeing a super cheerful Yami vs a very deadpan Mikan was pretty cool (and highly strong in moe). But still…its been so long since a proper Yui segment ;-;

Episode 8 Rating – 3.5 body swaps (out of 5)

Fortune Arterial – Episode 8

This is vampires done right. You mad Vampire Knight?

Am I dreaming? Did Fortune Arterial seriously get awesome? This episode started with the build up left in the last episode with Erica’s sudden need for blood. But what really kicked the episode into overdrive was the reveal that Kuze Kiriha is now a vampire as well (or half vampire im assuming). I mentioned before how she had potential for awesome…and this is exactly what just happened here, I am now very genuinely interested into what they will do with her.

But that is not where the fun ends, the second half of this episode is focused more on Haruna having seen Erica in vampire mode and the fact that her memories must be erased. The fact that its also revealed that Erica was the reason why Haruna lost her memories of Kouhei that 1 year further helped the story get more interesting. And then at the end I was seriously fooled into thinking Erica did erase her memories again, but it seems she actually restored it which was pretty cool to see. Man its really hard to believe how this show improved in the only 2 episodes, and now I am seriously anticipating what will happen next…let us hope they continue this pace, and all this wait was worth it.

Episode 8 Rating – 4.5 shits getting real (out of 5)

To Aru Majutsu no Railgun II – Episode 8

Better question. Why is a high school fighting a middle school?

This was the usual less than serious episode of Index, building up slowly into what will be the next arc which appears to be on the magic side this time. But to add in some excitement this time the magic arc happens all around the science side of things, will I finally get my wish of seeing an esper fight a mage since season 1 started? PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Other than that the episode had plenty of tsundere Mikoto and Touma misfortune…and your rare Index with Mikoto interaction which should be happening more often now. Will Accelerator show up soon? I hope so.

Episode 8 Rating – 4 harem situations (out of 5)

And there you have it, after the eighth week ended…suddenly Fortune Arterial had the best episode? wtf just happened doesnt this list look backwards?…

  1. Fortune Arterial
  2. MM!
  3. Bakuman
  4. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  5. Ore no Imouto
  6. World God Only Knows
  7. Ika Musume~de geso
  8. Motto To Love Ru

Ok with this done, I can now watch all episode 9s since i’ve only watched OreImo and TWGOK this week…so much to catch up on.

[5:13:45 PM] ™๑۩۞۩๑™: Gesoninmurobongu
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