Mahou Sensei Negima! ch310 – Everybody is getting raped

This is new for this blog isn’t it? Yes…I read Negima now. It was during the summer that I marathoned all 269 available chapters and ever since then I have absolutely loved the series…why did no one tell me how awesome this was? Anyways we are now on ch310 and with Negi down and out it is up to the party to stop Fate’s plans.

Even Fate doesn't want to win this easily

Since day 1, I’ve fucking LOVED Chachamaru’s artifact since its prob the most absolutely overpowered artifact in the series…and in this case no freaking magic barrier could possibly compete against it!

This is only like..10% output but still...1 FUCKING HAND? jesus christ Fate...

Even if the power of this attack was barely what it can really do, its pretty crazy that he stops it with 1 hand…HOWEVER!

Man Natsumi's artifact is pretty OP as well

The mere fact that even Fate was taken by surprise is no easy task, its not often you see him with such a “wtf just happened?” look on his face. But obviously he does not want to be stopped by anyone not named Negi (he is so tsundere for him) so he goes ahead and Touhou style spams his little petrification darts. And while the party manages to protect from most of them…the body count begins to grow.


Man she was actually pretty cool and Yue has seriously gotten awesome ever since losing her memories. And im actually surprised Ala Alba’s plan is working since now they recovered Asuna, and got the Great Grand Master Key.

Yuna with a badass save but NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT SAYO!!!

Man losing Yuna is seriously a blow to their firepower, but if Ala Alba loses Nodoka, then they really are royally fucked…valiant sacrifice! But still Sayo ;-;


Man seeing how Nodoka is the only one that knows how to use the key, I cant wait to see her use it and just fuck things up big time…WHY IS NEGIMA SO GOOD!? Ch311 where?

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