Kana Hanazawa Signed Card

Sorry for the lack of updates from my side, I’ve been real busy lately with random school crap. Here I am blogging before I go out and be used as free labour. I love you school. Anyway, enough of my random crapping, I reckoned that I should do a short post before I leave. Yes, as the title suggest, I managed to acquire a copy of a Kanade card with Kana Hanazawa’s signature on it, thanks to my friend kaiyyyy.

Kanade! Oh wait, wrong picture. Works anyway.

So what is it that is so fantabulous about this piece of cardboard that deserves one whole post from me? Well, let’s do it the horrendous way shall we? BULLET POINTS.

1) It’s Signed by Kana Hanazawa

2) It has her cute drawings on it.

3) It’s bloody rare

4) The raw price of this card is 12000 YEN. YES 12K YEN.

I have fallen to temptation and bought it. But whatever, I’m a Kanafag, so all is well.

Well, enough rambling. Here are some pictures.


Can you resist her moe-ness?

Can't decipher the Japanese at all.

All of the pictures are taken with my iPhone 3GS’s camera. I swear I’ll get a DSLR one day. Anyway, enjoy this short filler post of mine and do leave behind a comment or something. Oh, and i’m bloody broke atm ;_;


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18 Responses to Kana Hanazawa Signed Card

  1. Game8910 says:

    i hate you, i fucking hate you so much right now….

  2. miko.monday says:

    out of all the things you could have got signed by her you chose something kanade :\

  3. VampyreTiadora says:

    lols! it’s like you took the 3 pictures with 3 different cameras..hahas (cuz all three of them are of different quality or something? >.<) and wow, with its "expensive" attributes, that's quite nice of kaiyyy to give it to you.. ^^

    and bullet points are horrendous?????? o.O" lols

    • SealedTime says:

      Give? I got it for a 180 SGD LOL! He wasn’t that nice, really lol. xD

      And yes, it was a problem with the lighting. I tried to ensure that there was sufficient lighting when I took the pictures, but some turned out horrible while some was pretty good.

      Yes, bullet points are horrible. Especially for powerpoint slides :3

  4. shadowdecade says:

    woah!!how did he get it!12k yen = HOLY MOTHER CRAP
    that card can get me 3 psps
    btw 12k with sign or not?
    if its without i should buy more WS cardsXD

  5. SealedTime says:

    It’s with the sign 😀

    If it’s without the sign, it’s only worth 1.5k yen 😀

    • shadowdecade says:

      freaking cool dude!Whats the effect?

      But still,how did he get itt!!!I can’t figure it out unless they’re like friendsXD

  6. SealedTime says:

    Eh, I’m lazy to read the Japanese ehehhehe. IT’s incredibly useful as support.

    My friend knows how to pick the foils 😀

  7. shadowdecade says:

    You mean it was in the booster pack?:O

    *buys a shitload of Angel Beats WS booster packs*

  8. SealedTime says:

    Yeah! But it’s super duper rare >_> You’ll have to be super lucky 😀

  9. shadowdecade says:

    how many are there? shit shit shit i need to buy more WS cards *droool*

  10. Brian says:

    i just got this new Signed card for BRS by hanazawa kana, http://mikuru.net/2011/01/black-rock-shooter-card-signed-by-hanazawa-kana/, i dont think it is worth as much as yours tho… but still very cool!

  11. SealedTime says:

    ^Well, it’s worth at least 7k yen at least ^^.

    The price of the card also depends on it’s usability so mine is higher cause of that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where did you buy it? ;__;
    I need a retailer that ships it internationally ><

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