Hayate no Gotoku! ch298 – AI MAI MEE IDORU

OH HI! Its been a long time hasnt it? I havent blogged a Hayate chapter in a while and I figured since chapter 300 is coming close I might as well take this opportunity to start again! \o

Anyways im sure that all of you who follow the manga already know whats going on so I wont explain, and now…time for some IDOL LUKA!


If Hayate EVER gets an anime that reaches this point, I really want to know who would voice Luka and what kind of songs she would sing…im in idol fever right now because of Kanon so please bear with me.

She is like a Kanon and Kirino hybrid...also DAT FUCKING SMILE! ( ゚ヮ゚)

I wonder why Hata loves making character that can do just about everything right…this truly is a very mary sue manga but oh well. This chapter was mostly showing Luka being her idol self and dancing and singing in front of everyone despite still being injured by that accident earlier that day. She has already been compared to Hayate many times in both inside and outside the manga, and this fierce determination is just nother similarity to add to the pile.


Man I wonder what her reaction is going to be when she realizes about Hayate…and tbh I HOPE she doesnt get harem’d by him, its already big enough and after what Athena caused, I doubt I wanna see another late-comer into this series. But now Hayate still needs to worry about Yozora Housen (SHE LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE ATHENA DAMMIT!) and the robots. Ch299 sure is taking a long time to release though…oh well in the meantime, more Luka!

man she even looks like Hayate...should not want!


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2 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch298 – AI MAI MEE IDORU

  1. Arabesque says:

    ”man she even looks like Hayate…should not want!”

    Oh game, how easy it is to read you 😛

    Not sure about her turning out to be an idol. Makes all what we’ve learned about her in the past few chapters all seem like red herrings for the sake of them, and much about doesn’t really feel right. Still nice figure.

  2. kei78 says:

    Luka is my waifu xD

    FYI, A – tan is back in chapter 299.

    that makes too much coincidence

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