Fall Season 2010 – Week 7 Impressions

Sorry for the delay i know this is 2 weeks late, but as my school finals gets closer, trying to balance black ops, and now playing WoW, my time to blog has been greatly reduced. But at least im trying not to go missing for more than a month! ermm well…anyways. This is the post for 7th week of the fall season, we are now on the 2nd half…series tend to show their true colours around this time. What did the shows bring I wonder?

MM! – Episode 7

Enjoying the beach, MM! style

So this was the inevitable beach episode, MM! version. Most of the first half was basically your basic Tarou M curing training by Mio. It was the second half once Hiiragi Noa shows up that the episode started to get fun.

You could say that for a show where both Mio and Yuuno are supposed to be the co-heroines, we havent really seen a lot of Mio recently, but that doesnt mean its bad because honestly…Yuuno keeps growing on me every episode. This time around with Noa involved Yuuno’s jealousy finally starts to come out full force, fighting about who wants to play the wife when Noa suggests playing house. It was funny seeing everything starting to spiral down into chaos and Yuuno trying to play along as the wife and even going as far as admitting she loves Tarou (he prob thought she was only playing), however it was Noa’s medicine to try to compete with Yuuno in certain places that really threw the episode into facepalm mode. As I said before, I enjoyed the DBZ joke with Tarou the first time around…but this time I just didnt really find it funny at all. I hope this is the last I see of it, oh yeah I forgot to mention…I think im shipping Tarou x Yuuno now…seriously.

Episode 7 Rating – 3 re-used jokes (out of 5)

Bakuman – Episode 7

High tier mangakas everywhere (lol no Kubo)

This episode of Bakuman was actually pretty fun to watch. I know the relationship between Azuki and Moritaka is extremely corny but dammit if it doesnt make me grin like an idiot everytime I see them. It was also really cool seeing him trying to make Azuki feel better after he accidentally hurt her feelings in 1 of their little text exchanges (he even got her e-mail now).

On the manga making side, I was glad to see that the one-shot they made that was published to the contest was rejected. I mean…i cant always be that easy right? And now they are even more motivated and trying to finish a new one-shot in record time…I wonder what they will do now since their rival Eijii will probably start to enter the picture now. I truly am enjoying this series so far…keep it up JC Staff!

Episode 7 Rating – 4 manly romantics (out of 5)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 7

So moe I fucking died

This episode of OreImo was all over the place, but the first half was great, specially seeing Kirino and Kuroneko do fantastic impersonations of each other that made me wonder just what would’ve happened if Taketatsu and Hanazawa had been casted differently. The comedic way of presenting both cases to Kyousuke saying the exact same things was also really well used. There was also the deal with anime screening of Meruru they were going to do, which was great to watch seeing how Meruru is an absolute obvious reference to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (they even got freaking Tamura Yukari to voice Meruru, oh god).

The second half switched gears into Kirino researching for her novel, which obviously requires her to experience similar events as her characters to understand their emotions. I find this to be a pretty clever and tsundere way of asking your big brother to go on a date with you because honestly…its a little too obvious here…But overall a pretty highly entertaining episode with left with some foreshadowing of what will happen in the future (and trust me shit gets very real soon)

Episode 7 Rating – 4.5 KIRA KIRA~ (out of 5)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Episode 7~de geso

Its a lie! You've already invaded everyone's nutbladders

There was really not much to write about this week on Ika Musume. Dont get me wrong the comedy is still top notch and its genuinely enjoyable to watch but there just wasnt anything BIG that sold me this time around like mini-ika on ep 5, or super mathematIKA on ep 6. This week had Nagisa once again trying to cope with the danger of working with Ika, which was actually really fun to see…specially when she pretended to not be scared of her anymore, poor Ika got so sad I wanted to pet her…

The second section had some very obnoxious american scientist so obsessed with trying to study UFOs they are willing to take anything…although I enjoyed the whole “Queen Ika” deal. The final part gives us the return of the fake-Ika Tokita Ayumi (voiced by epic Kawasumi Ayako), but this time Eiko actually agrees to trade Ika for her…the many shows Ika can perform with her tentacles is truly amazing btw, Ritsu should be jelly.

Episode 7 Rating – 3.5 Squid Queens (out of 5)

The World God Only Knows – Episode 7

A true shinning star!

I just had to make a full post on this episode. It was awesome and I was shot by her Love Kanon.

Episode 7 Rating – 5 shinning stars (out of 5)

Motto To Love Ru – Episode 7

Because he is the lead of a harem series

The first part of this episode was very Yami-focused and as you know this is always a good thing. I mean there was a lot of characters with moements this week but I think seeing Yami in a situation like this one ranks on top of them. Turns out Yami has a pretty high fever and Rito of course, like a true harem lead, carries her on his back to get treatment. Of course Mikado sensei needs assistance from Rito to help Yami, but seeing how he can’t handle it Lala is more than  willing to help. So after Yami finally heals in what appears to be a span of 10-20 minutes, it seems Rito’s luck to walk into girls changing will never seem to run out.

The second part was actually a pretty interesting change of pace since it focused on nothing but Run, I have to admit it was different. But also nothing overly exciting. The third part was a truly interesting part, because Haruna’s actions were weird, very very weird (but at least we got a bit of Yui in here). I mean the regular Haruna would never just flash her bar in the middle of the hallway, which seems to be too much for poor Rito. I mean she even goes as far as confessing to Rito! I mean the poor guy looked so happy when it happened. Its a shame that it was all just Oshizu’s ghost inside Haruna’s body in the end, I  felt trolled…but i guess in the upside, Haruna is back to normal (not really an upside btw).

Episode 7 Rating – 4 retarded censorings (out of 5)

Fortune Arterial – Episode 7

Just fuck already...

Guess what…im not copy/pasting the text from last week. You know what that means right? Yup…something is FINALLY happening in this series! I will not go into details into the whole swimming and pool antics of this episode (which sadly was 90% of the episode), but at the very least it now seems that Erica’s vampire instincts are starting to go crazy due to MC’s influence. I am actually intrigued as to what Erica will do now that she seems to be lusting for blood. This show better start to deliver now, I have already waited for 7 episodes….and I dont plan to wait any more. Oh yeah…Erica is pretty cute btw, and is that sum jealous Kihara I see there?

Episode 7 Rating – 3.5 vampire impulses (out of 5)

To Aru Majutsu no Railgun II – Episode 7

Women's rights? Whats that?

And then there is this show…I already mentioned how much better science arcs were than magic arcs? Cause this fucking episode was just ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! From Kuroko vs Awaki round 2 which only showcased Kuroko being even MORE fucking badass (I actually like her more than Mikoto now), to the return of Accelerator, and what a freaking return that was! I mean I was aware that this anime hates women (especially their faces) but damn…Accelerator just freaking broke Awaki’s dream and face. The fact that he also is pretty good at talking thrash before fucking shit up makes him a much better protagonist than Touma by far.

And speaking of that guy…since when can he freaking jump over falling ruble while catching a falling Kuroko? Sure it looks cool when you see it, but I’ll say it now, Touma is NOT the kind of character that can sell those kind of moves well. It just doesnt fit his image and that would be the only complain I have for this overall great episode. Looks like we are still gonna get more science next arc but mixed with some magic too! Shit might get real.

Episode 7 Rating – 5 broken faces (out of 5)

And there you have it, after the seventh week ended…Fortune Arterial was actually NOT the show in last place this week, what do you know…

  1. The World God Only Knows
  2. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  3. Ore no Imouto
  4. Motto To Love Ru
  5. Bakuman
  6. Ika Musume~de geso
  7. Fortune Arterial
  8. MM!

Im so far behind on anime I still need to watch half of the episode 8s of these series so I might even do a week 8 post even if its already a week late (i said might btw).

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