The World God Only Knows Episode 7 – Hunter gets hunted

Yes, very late post, but who cares…this episode of TWGOK concludes the Nakagawa Kanon arc, and boy did they end it with a bang. I know of the complains some had for this episode but i’ll address those later. The beginning throws us back 2 years into the past into flashback mode when Kanon remembers a moment with her old group Citron.

And now your group no longer exist, great lead indeed

So they explain why she suddenly disappeared last episode. Im sure many famous people go through this as well, just moments before the big stage Kanon starts to doubt herself and because of the loose spirit in her she once again enters “stealth” mode because of her depression. I mentioned many times before how this entire arc seems more like Kanon was the one trying to hunt Keima because seriously…he didn’t really do much himself this arc. So while everyone is searching for her, Kanon has her own plans too.

Dammit...he did nothing yet he is winning big pots

I actually did facepalm at Elsie when she revealed that she could’ve just used her soul sensor to find Kanon instead of spending hours trying to look for her. I agree with Keima’s comment on her this time, poor Elsie can be retardedly cute sometimes. Once Kanon is found, Keima finally proceeds to his final attack (or the first on this arc possibly). At this point however it really doesn’t take much to conquer Kanon, or maybe its Kanon that is about to conquer Keima?

She can see the ending!

As much as most of the things up to this point was mostly Kanon doing all the work to “capture” Keima; its at the most crucial moment that Keima finally puts his game on full force.

Denying a kiss!? Shit...that was actually really harsh AND badass

Keima finally puts his magic at work and with the help of 10,000 people this time, he finally convinces Kanon to keep looking forward and perform. Ahhh capture God! it sure took you long enough to arrive this time around! I also have to comment that as cheesy as it may sound sometimes Keima really does have some really good lines in this series…

So pro, but wait...isnt this OPPOSITE of what you should be saying here?

This is yet another thing that makes this conquest different, Keima clearly confesses to both Ayumi and Mio before but this time around not once does he make any kind of love confession to Kanon. What is Kanon’s reply to this? well…

Kanon doesn't fuck around. Keima, you are already captured.

With a new lose soul in custody (I freaking LOVE when Elsie says that line) and Kanon finally revitalized, she show must go on. I may have already commented on the pretty fantastic job that Toyama Nao has done voicing Kanon here, but honestly her first ballad in the concert (I believe its called Love Call) was just pure, greatness. Whoever can sing such great songs deserves to get some recognition in the future and I hope she gets many more roles later on. Also you will never have a cute idol sing a love ballad that is secretly dedicated to you (sad_frog.jpg).

Dammit I know shipping is useless here but....thats just too sweet...

Needless to say the rest of the episode (including the ending credits) was dedicated to just Kanon singing her single “Happy Crescent” which to my surprise was shown in full (I NEED THE SINGLE!). It was pretty amusing as well seeing Elsie questioning Keima if his opinions on real idols has changed now, only for him to deny it very tsundere style but comment that Kanon is no longer an idol, but a star!

A true Kiraboshi~ watch and learn from a pro Kirino

After the credits roll, we see Kanon thank everyone (specially her old group) and the episode ends. However there are a few peculiar things about the end of this capture that need to be pointed out. First of all, for both Ayumi and Mio were announced that they lost their memories at the end of the conquest, in this case not once is it ever mentioned that Kanon has forgotten Keima or any of what has happened. Im sure that we are suppose to imply it happened by now but we dont even get to see any epilogue interaction between the 2 like in the previous arcs so some doubts are left.

There was also some complaints with the episode (mostly by manga readers) about the pacing. While I cannot really see things from their point of view since I’ve yet to start reading the manga, I cannot disagree with their complaints on this episode since they are perfectly valid points and who knows I prob would’ve been one of them if I had. It is true they stretched this arc into 3 episodes when it could’ve been done in 2. The main reason obviously being the fact that they wanted to expose and market Kanon’s songs for later profit, and theres nothing wrong with that technically…but to be completely honest I really REALLY liked all of Kanon’s songs so even if the last 10 minutes of the episode was only them playing the songs to buy time….I didnt mind it 1 bit and I would prob watch it again \o/

As much as some people were annoyed with her entire attention whoring problem, I just cannot help but love this character (then again I also love Kirino, haters gonna hate) and I hope the next captures to come feature characters just as good as her.

Episode 7 Rating – 5 shinning stars (out of 5)

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4 Responses to The World God Only Knows Episode 7 – Hunter gets hunted

  1. Point well made, I have my own take on this subject over at my very own blog which is titled Watch TV Episodes Online – Give me a comment! 🙂

  2. Wolfnagi says:

    Well, I don’t hate Kanon but her outfit is kinda, hilarious……..
    As for Kirino, I don’t really hate her but the fact she keep beating her brother, that’s just sucks!!!!
    I meant, its her brother for the love of god!!!! not her lover or something!!!!!

  3. Hayate says:

    when i read your comment, i kinda guessed that u still haven’t read the manga yet.
    And as one of the people who read the manga, i’ll stick with my opinion that they r trying to prolong it since Keima don’t that much effort in the manga to capture her(it’s one of his easier target, if u neglect getting electrocuted)

    however, i dont think they just prolong it just to promote the song, since as u predicted, she will play one of the major role along with some other girls keima had captured

    in my opinion, i like the voice acting for keima and elsee, they did a good job understanding the character. however the director on the other hands, a bit overboard. my point is that Keima blushed too much in the anime. i like it better in the manga where u can see his cool attitude most of the time, even when hunting(unless its necessary to be innocent)

    oh and by the way, that really is a true kiraboshi, lol’d since im not the only one who notice that(imagine if all the Glittering Crux do it like that too… XD)

  4. kakashi says:

    i love kanon ❤ idk why but maybe she is kinda hot.. im in love with an anime girl T.T so the ones who dont like her better shut the fuck up before i send you to hell, ooh konankun ❤ i love you
    私はあなたを愛して ^-^ konankun luckily you are 1 of the goddeses coz i can see you more often XD

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