Happy Late Birthday!

In all the chaos of school, blogging, anime, and Black Ops. I had completely forgotten than on Friday, November 11th this blog finally reached its first year of life.

The lack of proper Shana anime this year makes me go inactive

The reason I first started this blog? It was mainly because I felt not enough people were covering the Golden Week Arc on the Hayate no Gotoku! manga and I really wanted to just be able to let go of all the crap I wanted to say. The main draw I could offer was trying to find the earliest scans released (raw) and blog on it for those impatient to know about what would happen (like me). And im glad to say doing that was a success for as long as I did it. While I also wanted to blog the weekly anime I watch, sometimes trying to blog on those can get really tiring and it can start to become a chore, which is why I stopped and only focused on Hayate chapters and early spoilers (even if I stopped those as well).

However, I am grateful to all of those that have read (and hoping still read) this blog despite my obvious times of inactivity. While I do realize if I still posted Hayate spoilers and continued weekly anime coverage this blog could probably be a lot bigger than it is right now, I am very content with what I’ve managed to accomplish with this blog (this was also my first ‘real’ attempt at blogging anime).

In the time this blog has existed, I have received over 81,000 views from all different places. With Saturday, February 20th being my most highly visited day with 959 page views in a single day, 568 of those page views belonged solely to my Hayate ch261 early spoiler post, thats more views than I get in an entire day right now! My most viewed blog entry to date to my absolute surprise is my Aki Sora OVA 01 post…seriously what the fuck? I knew the internet was full of perverts but wow…Does this mean I should keep blogging the manga?

So what is set for the future? Well I could always re-start blogging early Hayate no Gotoku! chapters, that is of course…if however reads this really wants me to. I am glad to see at least that now a lot more people are talking about the series and posting spoilers on their blogs…so if you guys really want 1 more person working on it, I still have the link where the spoilers ussually first show up 😉 (although the date the spoilers come out have changed, so im confused when to check). So if I could make a checklist about the things I want to try to accomplish with this blog now that its on its second year, here they are:

  1. Attempt blogging Mahou Sensei Negima manga (weekly)
  2. Continue making the “____ season Week _ Impressions” blog
  3. Continue making the “OFFICIAL _____ season Week _ character power ranking” blog.
  4. Re-attempt to post “[EARLY SPOILERS]Hayate no Gotoku! ch___” blogs again (only if people want me to)

So there you have it, fortunately now I am not alone…I have 2 good people that can also add entries on this blog now and help it stay active in case I ever go missing again. Mikomonday who has been recently blogging some of the OreImo weekly episodes, and SealedTime who loves his figures and The World God Only Knows, so I expect you guys read their entries as much as you have read mine last year.

With this, I conclude this big wall of text. Lets see if we can make this second year better than last….hell, I wonder if I can reach the point of 1000 daily page views like I almost did that once, time will tell.

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7 Responses to Happy Late Birthday!

  1. SealedTime says:

    I have been slacking recently as well. Ehehe, the Dannychoo CGM Meet yesterday exhausted my fuel, >_>

    I’m planning to blog on AFA soon, look out for it.

    Oh and congrats on your first year anniversary Game. It’s 5 days after my birthday 😀

  2. HazeInTheRoad says:

    Hi game
    grats on the aniversary =)

  3. Eater-of-All says:

    Gratz on the anniversary; a year sure passed by quick. The reason why I follow this blog is for your screwy and messed up commentary. Be proud of your craziness, Game!

  4. kei78 says:

    congrats game for reaching a year.

    see you around

  5. Wolfnagi says:

    Do come back to MF if you want to reblog HnG………

  6. Pandadice says:

    Is it just me or is the image quality of that Shana pic terrible? I mean, congrats on the birthday and all, but that image is hard to look at. Probably cause you added that “happy birthday” text in mspaint then saved it as a jpg.. pic is the opposite of HD.

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