Fall Season 2010 – Week 6 Impressions

A little later than usual but im gonna be busy this week with school stuff…plus I just got Call of Duty: Black Ops and….yeah…Anyways this week was not the best, but it had some decent showing for most series. Also im including the Tamayura OVA I watched as well…

Tamayura! – Episode 3

Mio is god

Its the power of Tamayura!

This week had the release of the third episode of Tamayura, and as a fan of healing slice of life series (blame Aria) there is just no way I could NOT be watching this. It even has the same production studio as Aria, whats not to like?

The third episode deals with the group of girls (which btw are all very adorable) trying to find the place where Potte’s dad took that really famous picture. Like a proper slice of life, character interactions are what drives this show and it does it great! Norie is seriously just hilarious to watch when she goes on her moegasm sprees due to Kouta’s shota levels. And this week we are even introduced to Kaoru’s sister Sayomi, who is voiced by Ohara Sayaka who also played Alicia on Aria, fucking Hal Film Maker man!! First they get Hazuki Erino to play Riho on ep 2 and now this! My body was not ready. It also goes without saying that at the end of the episode, they do the classic “moral of the day” thing that many healing slice of life love to do…and you know what, I love it every time.

Episode 3 Rating – 4.5 uphill hikes (out of 5)

MM! – Episode 6

These eyecatches man...every week

This episode was like a rollercoaster for me, the first bit with Mio and Tarou was pretty good…Mio is seriously one of the biggest teases I’ve seen, specially to someone like Tarou. I dont think threatening him to the point of leaving liquids around is the best way to cure his illness.

The main point of the episode was actually Tarou’s mom and sister plotting to try to get Yuuno away form Tarou, which to be honest was really pissing me off seeing how they were willing to go to incredible lengths just so they could tarnish Tarou’s name for the sake of now allowing him to see any other girl. That has always been one of the few things that always gets me mad in any kind of story, when a parent refuses to let their son/daughter met anyone of the opposite sex just because of their jealousy. It was this very reason that I loved it when Tarou sacrificed them both to Michiru-sensei in the end as punishment. Oh yeah and Yunno now totally wants his dick btw.

Episode 6 Rating – 4 disfunctional families (out of 5)

Bakuman – Episode 6

I used to sit like this back in school too, good times

Slowly but surely, Bakuman is getting more interesting with time and the plot is still keeping me interested. This time around we finally get to see the manga Saiko and Shujin made, and after going through it I really thought I was reading some weird fanfiction between Mahou Sensei Negima and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles without the magic,  although I admit I would probably read it.

As a whole I really did enjoy the episode, the manga they made was interesting, but what really stole the episode was the ending…DAT SEATING ARRANGEMENT seriously made me lol, it was even funnier seeing Shujin laughing at this development cause i was doing the exact same thing.

Episode 6 Rating – 4.5 epic seating arrangements (out of 5)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 6

She isnt really lying here....seriously

I made the full post of this episode already, allow me to say it 1 more time but jealous Kirino is freaking moe.

Episode 6 Rating – 4 internet rage machines (out of 5)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Episode 6~de geso

Light, Leouch, they aint got SHIT on Ika

After the last episode’s surprising mini-Ika segment which causes shitstorms all over the internet it seems Ika is slowly starting to conquer us indeed. This week’s episode continues the show’s fantastic comedic routines that just dont seem to ever get old. The first part with the hero show and all the kids cheering for the evil squid made me lol a lot.

The best part imo was the second segment when Ika Revealed her incredible math skills, i dont know how a squid learned advanced algebra and calculus but damn was it great to watch.

The last part was actually really funny too, i dont think i’ve ever seen such a misunderstanding create a “love square” that isnt really one before. Ika trying to keep Nagisa scared, Nagisa thinking Goro is being controlled but her attempts to save him are being read as a love battle, and Goro who likes Chizuru, just great.

Episode 6 Rating – x = 4/5

The World God Only Knows – Episode 6

Goddammit hnnnnnnnnng

The continuation of the Kanon arc, so it really did seem like it was the loose soul’s fault that she disappears when she is depressed. At least now Keima finally decided to go on the attack. Although one has to wonder how much work he really has left to do, i mean when you have an idol that admits you are the only person she talks to and spams you with text messages, and then wants to see you in her little free time you KNOW you are already set in course. It almost feels like Keima didnt have to do much to get this capture to work, whether or not he had to capture the souls.

I cant forget Elsie either, as always her enthusiasm to help Keima and her lack of common sense sometimes produce moments that are just too adorable to ignore. As for Kanon, well I still like her and I want her song singles and I guess they did kinda explain her obsession with trying to always be the center of attention. For the first time an arc has extended to 3 episodes, I cant see the ending of this yet, but Keima can….expecting epic next episode.

Episode 6 Rating – 4 text messages (out of 5)

Motto To Love Ru – Episode 6

Tsundere Lala!? HOLY SHIT!! щ(゚Д゚щ)(屮゚Д゚)屮

This episode gave the much needed dose of Lala goodness I so desperately needed after 5 episodes. The first segment was your standard beach episode, but this is To Love Ru doing it so expect an extra amount of fanservice. Its also not often when the entire cast gets at least some lines in a single segment and I liked seeing everyone at once, its always good to see more of Yui’s tsundere and Yami’s badass moments.

The second segment was basically Rito getting tutored by Lala, but its the third one which really steals it. You know that when you take advice to get a man’s interest from a girl’s magazine shit will definitely go wrong, but dammit if it wasnt fun to look at. First going shy, then going tsundere…but it was the last one which really fucks with my brain. I mean there are certain things you dont do to a man, and leaving him hanging is absolutely one of them! I really felt sorry for Rito there. What really surprised was the end though, I mean I barely ever see Lala not in a cheerful mood, so seeing her shed tears at the failed attempts was pretty d’awww worthy. I have to admit though, despite Yui being my fav character…I honestly like the Rito x Lala pairing more, prob my fav in the series. Oh yeah also, I salute Peke for having an an awesome taste in manga.

Episode 6 Rating – 4 pink everywhere (out of 5)

Fortune Arterial – Episode 6

Why does this always happen

Another week, another snail pace for Fortune Arterial. Dont get me wrong, the episode itself was not terrible but once again I cannot say that it was totally interesting. This show really is going at its own pace right now and thats not a bad thing i guess, but sometimes it feels like this is a slice of life show when im sure its not.

I will focus on the good things this episode brought though…for example, trying to get Haruka and MC (I STILL CANT REMEMBER HIS NAME) together was pretty fun, and the sudden realization that Haruka doesnt have her memories from that year was interesting but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it. Now I remember why! Sisters, love quarrel, childhood friends, car accidents, lost memories…I liked it better when if was called ef – a tale of memories to be honest. Next episode is titled “Omen” though, so im expecting something to actually happen now! DO NOT LET ME DOWN FORTUNE ARTERIAL!

(yes im gonna keep recycling the first paragraph every week until SOMETHING happens).

Episode 6 Rating – 3 sister dramas (out of 5)

To Aru Majutsu no Railgun II – Episode 6

You could literally say her problem...*puts shades*...is over 9000

If there is something this episode quickly reminded me of, is how much better the science arcs in the raildex-verse are than the magic ones. A single episode of this arc already has me more excited than the entire nun beating church wars we got earlier. Lets face it, Mikoto, Kuroko, and Accelerator are way better characters than Index and Touma could ever be. As for the episode, it was great seeing Kuroko being her usual badass teleporting self, but now with a new teleporter around by the name of Musujime Awaki, and whats even better is that they got Sakurai Harumi to voice her.

The tension was high this episode, the conversation between Mikoto and Kuroko (after getting hurt but obviously hiding it) was like a calm before the thurderstorm. Mikoto obviously realizing she is hurt, and saying how “she came to pick some things up” only made things more exciting. The scene between Mikoto and Awaki was also great, I might not be the most outgoing Mikoto fan but seeing sparks fly when she is mad never EVER gets old (its like watching an electric Shana). And even if Mikoto is electrifying, this episode goes to Kuroko…she seriously gets some of the best lines in both Ralgun, and now here in Index. I cannot wait to see what happens next episode, which will finally feature accelerator doing things other than fanservice.

Episode 6 Rating – 5 (out of 5) says Game with a lot of enthusiasm

And there you have it, after the sixth week ended…damn I wanna watch the next ep of Index already…


  1. To Aru Majutsu no Index II
  2. Tamayura*
  3. Bakuman
  4. The World God Only Knows
  5. Motto To Love Ru
  6. Ika Musume~de geso
  7. Ore no Imouto
  8. MM!
  9. Fortune Arterial

* it means its a 1 time entry (sadly).

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  2. Red21 says:

    Sakurai Harumi as Asou Saori from 15 beautiful girls adrift
    D: < myface.jpg
    also as ive told you…MTLR makes me feel like im watching recaps or a remastered 1st season hehe

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