Yosuga no Sora Episode 6 – I watch it for the plot

The long awaited conclusion to Amatsume’s arc.

Don’t worry, it’s gonna be SFW. On another note, I am incredibly biased towards Akira because she is love and moe. Also, I felt obliged to brog about this episode due to it’s awesomeness.


Pardon me while I recover from the moe overdose.

Anyway, I will skip the formalities and go to my thoughts immediately. I was thinking of summarising stuff, but ah well. It’s my first time posting on an episode after-all.


Amatsume is no longer all smiles and we see another side to her, well, the emo side that is. A really nice contrast to her usual cheerful self . Not everyday is full of rabbits, sunshine, rainbows and candies.

This episode had a lot of plot twists, and well, it might be for the good, or for the worse, depending on how you like your animu. I found the plot twists to be meaningful and justified, so it was fine for me.


PLOT TWIST #1 : Amatsume might be the true daughter of Migiwa, Kazuha’s mum!

lrn2hearharu. You got dumped.

PLOT TWIST #2: Haru gets dumped and becomes dumber after he got a H-scene with Amatsume! The pimp got his retribution!

I shall not spoilt all of them, but this episode was full of mindf*ck lol.

Anyway, well, generally speaking, this episode was extremely well executed and good in my opinion. Yes, I mentioned it a thousand times but it does deserve the recognition. The animators are trying to rush out the story, but the epic moments and tear-jerking moments are brought out really well, which is why this episode wins. Amatsume is also cute, mind you. However, I felt that if they had extended the arc by one more episode, the probably could have made it more awesome. But it’s just me desperate for Amatsume screentime, so it might not apply to the rest of you.


The music of the episode flowed really well with the story. Emotions were brought out effectively through the BGM. No complains here.Now, someone needs to gimme Akira’s theme song.

Random Blabbling:

I’m a man of few words (lol, i’m just lazy) so I would stop my thoughts here. It’s my first post on episode reviews after all, so I’m just doing this to see how it would turn out. If you have any feedback, or areas in which I should cover, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

Well, take a look at the episode itself and tell me what you think then. Comment orz.




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7 Responses to Yosuga no Sora Episode 6 – I watch it for the plot

  1. miko.monday says:

    you kinda left out some screens there.

    mainly the fucking.

  2. Game8910 says:

    a yosuga no sora blog that DOESNT focus on the sex?

    thats pretty unique actually…well done!

    • SealedTime says:

      Lol thanks. If I continue blogging about Yosuga, it’ll be SFW, no worries. The sex scenes are a “bonus”, I feel it should not take the centre stage. :3

      See, I’m a pure shota.

  3. Game8910 says:

    it would also mean that NO ONE would read it! LOL

    jks jks but yeah it really is pretty unique lol

    • SealedTime says:

      -> implying that a post needs hot sexy pictures to be read

      Ahem. Lol. I’m not petty about how many people read my post. πŸ˜€

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