Ore no Imouto Episode 6 – The Friend Zone

Episode 6 of OreImo takes a break from the drama the earlier episodes have been delivering to focus on a more comedy centered story. The focus this time around has been given to Kyousuke’s relationship with his childhood friend Manami. Kyousuke also seems to be the type hates having things taken from him…

Alpha Kyousuke will not allow anyone to touch his property

While Kyousuke decides to help Manami on her halloween preparations (they celebrate that in japan?), meanwhile in the Kyousaka residence.

well....at least she can be honest with them now...also DAT ASS, etc...

For being such a “normal” person, Manami’s family really is a very interesting one…kinda makes you wonder how she could have become such a boring person (in theory). It is also clear that her family already sees Kyousuke as their son in law despite his claims of not liking Manami that way (the westermarck effect strikes back?).

You are doing it wrong Manami...

Meanwhile at the Kyousaka residence…

All of you with dakimakuras, you have done this before do not deny it

Man Kirino was in such a happy mood because of the dakimakura, its pretty amazing how quickly her mood changed when she learned about Kyousuke staying over with Manami. Interpret it as you wish.

As for the “not really a couple” couple, Manami is seriously waifu material, preparing food, preparing baths, and even offering more waifu services.

My childhood friend can't possibly troll this hard!

I have to give it to her, for being the “boring normal childhood friend” type, Manami really can be really fun to watch sometimes. Regardless of whether its your childhood friend or not, making a joke such as that one really wins you points. Congrats Manami you are now officially a “cool” character in my books.

Of course we cannot underestimate BROsuke either, the only way a man can counter-troll a joke like this is to take the offer seriously!

Man just look at this motherfucker's cool face right now. Totally alpha.

And then for the finisher…

Holy shit Kirino made him play Sengoku Rance too!? GAHAHAHA

Once again Kirino’s taste in eroge makes me take off my hat. I wonder if Kirino ever beat Orochi….speaking of Kirino btw…

dere dere? in my Kirino? ( ゚д゚) HOLY SHIT!!

The night is still not over for the couple! Manami’s grandpa who is probably one of the best grandfathers this year cannot allow the two to end the night in such an uneventful way, its for the sake of his war traumas. The cure: the couple needs to sleep together.


I dont know if Kyousuke realizes that Manami totally wants his dick, or maybe he is that dense…but I personally think he is a fool for not taking what he can right now.

Meanwhile at the Kousaka residence….

dere dere #2: u jelly?

Back to the couple, the way these 2 can talk to each other screams “normal average family future” and this is not bad itself. Kyou and Manami really do make a good couple but seeing how Kyousuke would most likely reject her the way things are now I do have to wonder what will really happen in the future. But I do give Manami credit for putting up a good fight in her own way so far. Kyou does admit that he does not wish to be in a relationship however, which makes me wonder if she has any chance at all. But there is still hope seeing how he might really be starting to see her as a girl now.

translates to - forever_alone.jpg

And as the couple gets a good night sleep, on the other side of the family things might not be so calm…

The loneliness runs strong on this one

So why is Kirino so jealous and irritated? Could it be that she has been wanting to show her brother her newly purchased dakimakura seeing how he is the only one she can openly talk about this kind of thing? Or is this some very very dangerous flag that has already been triggered? I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is true, but 1 thing has been made certain…Kirino has grown to be dependent on Kyousuke lately and a 1 night absence has sent her back to day 1 and triggered all her lonely sensors. One of the things I loved the most was the little kicks Kirino does on his door every time she walks by, at the beginning of the episode the way she kicks the door totally screams ‘tsundere service’, in contrast to the later kicks which spelt ‘you bastard!’…granted if my little sister kicked my door I would most likely kick her ass (so she is 10 years younger than me….this should be easy) but in this case Kirino is not my little sister so I just find this totally cute…

Episode 6 Rating – 4 jealous imoutos (out of 5)

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4 Responses to Ore no Imouto Episode 6 – The Friend Zone

  1. Rance says:

    Lol at the Sengoku Rance remark, that’s the first thing I thought about when Kyousuke mentionned his “hyper-weapon”. 😛


  2. Anonymous says:

    Manami x Kyousuke FTW!

    Maybe sparks will fly when Manami sleeps over Kyousuke’s house.. I mean, he didn’t reject that request anyway. I refuse to let Manami lose! LOL

    I doubt Kyousuke has ZERO feelings for Manami just by the beginning of the episode alone. He won’t be okay with Manami being with any other guy.. PLUS he asked her that question about a guy liking her.. So far Kyousuke has never had random thoughts.

  3. TS says:

    I’ll show you my hyper weapon!

  4. SealedTime says:

    Oh Game. You should already know who Kyousuke hooks up with in the end.

    Nevertheless, I’m rooting for Manami 😀

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